How To Meet Single Women On Facebook

How to meet single women on Facebook

We recently released an article about online dating. However, we kept the very best dating site a secret. We’re talking about the bread and butter to online dating… the cream of the crop. We’re talking about Facebook. What makes Facebook so compelling is that everybody is on it. There are so many women on Facebook that you could practice your […]

What Are The Best Dating Sites?


Online dating is the PERFECT platform to practice your verbal game, frame control, and sense of humor! Although it is NOT a substitute for going out and interacting with women face to face, online dating supplements cold approach pickup wonderfully. Here are the six best online dating sites: 1. OkCupid OkCupid is entirely free. No hidden costs, […]

How To Set Up Your First Dates

How To Set Up Your First Dates

How To Set Up Your First Dates When it comes to first dates you’re probably imagining romantic dinners, exotic theaters, expensive concerts, and fancy events. Luckily for you, you don’t have to spend a boatload of money to impress somebody you may not even know.  If this were the case, and you had a long list of […]

A Full Guide To Text Game. Get Her Chasing You

A Full Guide To Text Game

What’s Up Guys! After perfecting my text game for OVER 3 YEARS I am finally ready to release this guide! We’re going to go in depth so that you can refer to this over and over again no matter how advanced you get. First let’s cover how to properly set up your phone. Assuming you want […]

Healthy Friendships

How To Build Healthy Friendships

Healthy Friendships I was at my first fraternity event playing basketball and alcohol was everywhere. At the end of the night I, completely sober, said my goodbyes and began to head towards my car. Halfway out the driveway I heard my name. I turned to see one of my “soon to be” brothers racing down towards me. […]

How To Get Into Any Nightclub

How To Get Into Any Nightclub

The name of the game? Nightclubs. In this article I’m going to teach you how to get into any nightclub that you want to gain entry to! By the time you finish reading this you will know exactly what you need to do to in order to prepare yourself and your friends for one of the ultimate, upscale party […]

How To Get Invited To College Parties

How To Get Invited To College Parties

As a member of my college’s Kappa Sigma chapter, and a leading member of their school soccer team, I know all about the college party scene. It is a particularly fun and wild environment, yes. However, its most valuable quality within its ambiance is that it is a fantastic place to learn social dynamics. As described in […]

How To Get Invited To The MOST EXCLUSIVE Parties

How To Get Into Exclusive Parties

So you want to learn how to get invited to parties, eh? Good for you! Getting invited to parties is a crucial part of building your social life. The party scene helps you make and solidify friendships in a completely unique and important way. Furthermore, getting into exclusive parties is the best way to meet massive […]

Get Women To BEG You To Stay: Fake Takeaways

Fake Takeaways

Oui! I still remember my first cold approach like it was yesterday. I’m taking the bus to my local college and this super hot girl is sitting across from me. I face her, wait for her to look up, make eye contact, and motion her over with my hand. She gives me a quizzical look before […]

How To Go Out And Meet GORGEOUS Women. Be A Cold Approach King!

Cold Approach King

Do you want to have the ability to see any girl, walk up to her and immediately attract her? Become A Cold Approach King. Cold Approach is the art of beginning an interaction with and attracting a complete stranger. It is literally one of the most beautiful art forms, if not the most beautiful art form on earth. I cannot […]