AMAZING SPORTMANSHIP! Fighter screams at ref and refuses to punch unconscious opponent

mmaFollowing the huge Mayweather/Pacquiao fight, tonight seemed like an appropriate time to post this. After holding onto the guillotine for some time, the fighter on top noticed that his opponent was out cold. What happened next was beautiful: Instead of pounding his opponent’s lifeless body to a pulp until the referee ended the fight, he shouted “He’s out, He’s out!”

When the referee replied “No he’s not”

The young fighter had another chance to beat the living hell out of his opponent. Instead, he began exclaiming “Yes he is! Yes he is!” and physically backed away from his unconscious opponent.

The fight was immediately called.

Although we couldn’t pick out his name, we commend this young fighter’s sportsmanship. Great stuff. Great stuff indeed. Here’s the video: