BEST GoPro Videos

GoProGoPro just released a beautiful video of a couple saving an entangled Manta Ray while scuba diving in the Philippines. After watching it, we went through GoPro’s youtube channel and found the best of the best: Enjoy!

If you enjoyed that, you’ll love this video of Kevin Richardson uniting with his lion pride on October 2nd of 2013.  Kevin has a youtube channel and website entitled “The Lion Whisperer” that educates people on wildlife and is aimed at providing an African carnivore sanctuary for the preservation of wildlife in Africa.

Safari Footprints, a team of wildlife enthusiasts that give out insanely cool private safari guides, caught this curious Cheetah on camera… gorgeous stuff.

It’s probably a good thing that GoPro’s are waterproof:

Brad Joseph’s footage of an Alaskan Grizzly Bear family playing in a river. Brad runs a website called “AlaskanBearsAndWolves” which is aimed at spreading appreciation of the top predators in Alaska.  Bon Appetit:

In Farne Islands, UK, SCUBA diver Jason Neilus and his crew are getting mighty friendly with seals. Wonder if the laugh at 0:47 is real or not. Either way, it had me chuckling:

Watch Patrick Remington and his friends toy with death. The group hang to the end of this helicopter for a moment, all smiles, before dropping off towards Navarre Beach, Pensacola, Florida.

SO.. Just in case you weren’t aware, GoPro is the spit. No doubt about it.