Drake Releases New Song “My Side”

My Side

Following his fantastic performance at Coachella, Drake decided to break the internet by releasing “My Side”; an addition to his recently released mix-tape “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”.

The mega-artist has announced that he will be distributing physical copies of the mix-tape on April 21st. Both bonus tracks (How Bout Now and My Side) will be included on the 19 song release.

The new song seems to be about a relationship gone astray. Lyrics to the song include:

“Why you never come to where I stay at?
Always hiding out in your New York condo
Why you never come to where I stay at?
If anybody knows, girl you know, I know
Why are we wasting our relationship on a relationship?”


“Keep in touch with other women, cause you make me nervous
I empower girls that don’t deserve it
I don’t mean to do that shit on purpose
It’s just that when I go home, I start forgetting what it is
The dream is over, I get lost up in the 6″

Excitingly enough, Drizzy just announced his and Future’s summer tour dates. The duo kick off in Houston on the 24th and will wrap things up at the Governor’s ball on June 5th

Definitely give “My Side” a listen: