Hidden Camera Reveals Girl POISONING Her Roommates With Windex

Hayley KingA house full of girls at the University of South Carolina discovered that their roommate was spitting and pouring windex in their leftover food containers. Hayley King, who is twenty two years old, was charged with “unlawful, malicious tampering of human drug products or food” and if convicted, may serve up to twenty years in prison.

The police report states that King and her roommates had numerous altercations in the weeks prior to the incident. Additionally, King, who was looking to move out, had one of her friends send a protective text message to her roommates demanding they stop bullying her. The anonymous friend then sent the following threat:

“While Hayley is moving out don’t *bleep* with her. Y’all have been *bleeping* taunting her since the semester started. If she tells me you’re *bleeping* with her I will personally come and check you.”

I’m guessing that some pretty awful things were happening in the house before Hayley’s actions were caught on camera. Regardless, what you’re about to see is completely unacceptable: