Is Kathy Ferreiro Giving Kim Kardashian A Run For Her Money?

Kathy Ferrerio

Some things are just meant to be. Lawnmowers are meant to mow lawns, Clownfish aren’t meant to be funny, and Kim Kardashian’s butt is praised by many as the most voluptuous human body part (butt) in the history of butts.

The world might go through another ice age, companies will come and go, rock formations will change, but no matter what.. Kim Kardashian’s butt will always be massive.


Another big butt is rising to fame rather quickly. Kathy Ferreiro, the “Cuban version of Kim Kardashian” might just be giving Kim a run for her money.

The twenty one year old (Kim is 34) lives in Miami and distributes skin cosmetics. Keep your eyes open and your ears peeled boys. History is in the making.

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