Is Your Private Life Being Watched?

Are you being watched?

Uh-oh. This ones scary. Hackers are gaining access to computers through malware and everything you might want to protect is in danger. This includes personal emails, pictures, and information (credit card and bank accounts in particular).

It gets worse. Extortionists are hacking and then blackmailing victims. One such extortionist was Luis Mijango. Luis was sentenced to 72 months in prison for hacking into the computers of two hundred and thirty women and scouring their stored files for naked pictures. Once locating the pornographic material, Luis would coerce the women into sending him more graphic content.

One would of thought that the young man’s hefty sentence would dissuade hackers. However, that’s not the case. Studies suggest that sextortion (extortion demanding sexual acts) in particular, is on the rise in America.

SO.. the next time malware popups start appearing on your computer, don’t dismiss it. Doing so… might just be a decision you regret for the rest of your life.