Jimmy TatroAs most of you know, we wrote a Jimmy Tatro piece the other day and it received fantastic feedback. Because of that, I did what any other logical human being would do… and went through the entire second season of LATJ. I then pulled the three very best episodes and put them all in one place just for you.

After intense speculation as to whether or not Jimmy was winding down the show with co-producer Christian Pierce in pursuit of opportunities elsewhere (perhaps a budding acting career), the duo has released a constant stream of absolute hilarity that has ratings up higher than Ted’s lawyer in the new Ted 2 trailer.

Trash talking basketball games and completely psycho (hopefully by now.. ex) girlfriends! What could be funnier.. Right? Anyways, if you got this far you have an awesome sense of humor and… to top it all off… I saved the best for last: Enjoy.

So, is the LATJ era coming to an end? I doubt it. Legends never die, and Jimmy’s reign is far from over.