Mike Stud’s Tour Looks INSANE (VIDEO)

Mike Stud’s Tour Looks INSANE (VIDEO)Mike Stud’s US tour looks absolutely wild. The Rhode Island singer/rapper is documenting his tour on his youtube channel through a segment called “Touring’s Boring”. The twist? Touring’s not boring. No my friends, touring’s not boring at all.

The up and coming rap superstar attributes his success to his youtube channel, which has amassed over 47 million views. Here is a video of him spitting a freestyle with Andy Milonakis. You might remember Andy from back in 2010 when he joined forces with “Lil B” to create the song “H*es on my d*ck”. The track was a huge deal at the time and (somehow) gained over 4 million views. Even I have to admit, Andy’s freestyle game is on point.

Just in case you’re still unsure about Mike Stud I’ll include his music video “Leave the night on”. The song is a Sam Hunt remix (country artist). The music video stars sexy model Anne Morin and Mikey Mike himself. Check it out below: