Audi Allroad Models

Audi Allroad Models

Audi Allroad Models are created with high quality materials and boast sophisticated interiors. The Allroad was introduced as the first automobile intended to cover the gap between SUVs and Wagons. Albeit its luxurious design, well-made cabin, and various other features the vehicle had trouble getting off the ground.

Owners complained about the cars high fuel consumption and a somewhat rigid driving experience. Audi quickly deconstructed the original models flaws and made the necessary corrections. The A4 Avant Wagon was birthed. The Avant was a more compact, lightweight model that had great gas mileage. Furthermore it enabled light off road transportation.

At last, the Avant was discontinued and the Audi Allroad, in all its glory, was brought to the market.


Audi Allroad Models are famous for their high ground clearance and SUV styling. That being said, there are a wide variety of competitors in the wagon market. Competitors include:
• BMW 3-Series Wagon
• TSX sport Acura Wagon
• Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class
• Cadillac SRX and Infiniti QX50


The Audi Allroad Models seat five and offer both front + all wheel-drive. Additionally, the vehicle features a turbocharged and inter-cooled engine.

Engine Specs: DOHC 16-valve, inline-4 cylinder engine, direct fuel injection system, and aluminum head. Its displacement value is roughly 2 liters. The Allroad cranks out 211 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. Its power is complimented by a semi-automatic 8-speed transmission, making for an extremely smooth and fuel-efficient ride. The wheelbase dimension is 110.4 inches, the length is 185.9 inches, width is 72.5 inches, and the height is 58.0 inches. The curb weight of the automobile is 3900 lbs.
The fuel economy is EPA during city and highway driving 20/27 mpg.

Pricing: The 5 door wagon is available between $40,495 and $49,695.


The new Audi Allroad models are designed significantly better than their previous counterparts.

Prestige Exterior Design
The new Allroads have an upgraded all-wheel-drive system and new LED lighting styles that improve driver vision.

Interior Design
The vehicle sports leather surfaces, a comfy design, and roomy cabins that facilitate five perfectly. Additionally, the Allroad’s heated seats are ideal during cold weather. On top of that, the automobile can connect to the internet; integrating both Google Earth and 3D satellite seamlessly. Finally, the Audi offers a fully tailored driving experience through its four different driving settings.


Audi Allroad 2000 – 2006
The A6 Avant was the most off-road focused model. It introduced a list of features including flexible air suspension systems, stylish bumpers, and larger wheels. The model was designed to address the needs of the North American market, but alas, Audi failed to meet its user expectations. This situation forced the manufacturers to design a new generation for the North American Market.

Audi Allroad 2006 – 2011
The first two generations of the Audi between 2000 and 2006 received a great response from its users due to its improved design and lower level of fuel consumption. Its fuel consumption was reduced by an additional 20 percent as compared to the previous models. This moderate level of success pushed Audi to continue upgrading designs and made the car what it is today.

Audi Allroad 2012 – Present
After the success of two initial generations, Audi made fuel efficiency the Allroad Quattro’s focal point. They improved the performance and fuel consumption by 20 percent as compared to the previous models. The car features a four cylinder, 2-liter engine, and 211hp @ 4300 RPM.

Strengths and Weakness

• Subtle style with a plethora of innovative technologies
• Extremely smooth and comfortable driving experience
• Luxurious interior that seats 5 people
• Customizable driving experience with Audi driver select

• Some imperfections in the off-road driving
• Counterbalanced pedals

Due to Audis fantastic response to customer concerns, the Allroad has come quite a ways since its debut. It is at this point, safe to say that the Allroad has found its sweet spot in the wagon industry. Expect great things to come.