Boxer Guard Dog

Boxer Temperament

Boxers are medium-sized, short haired dogs developed in Germany. They are the 8th most popular dog breed! 


A Boxer’s head is its most distinguishing characteristic: Folds are prevalent throughout the dog’s muzzle and the breeds lower jawline extends past its upper jawline. As for coat length, Boxers are a short haired breed. Coloration includes fawn and brindle with white markings.


Boxer guard dogs are happy, playful, and energetic. Highly intelligent, the curious breed learns quickly and is easily trained. Due to their loyalty and affectionate personalities, Boxers are fantastic family pets. When socialized properly, the breed gets along well with children and cats.

Boxers are courageous and make for wonderful guard dogs. The breed has been widely used throughout the military and police force.


Boxers like to be fairly active outdoors and do well in an average to large sized yard. The temperature sensitive breed easily overheats and gets cold quickly. Supply your Boxer with lots of love and affection!

Best Food

Your optimal food formula will differ depending on how big your Boxer gets. Most dog food providers will have breed specific formulas.

Boxers are a medium sized breed with a life span of nine to ten years. Your Boxer’s nutritional intake will be your best ally in increasing his or her lifespan.

Boxers must remain hydrated at all times. Provide lots of clean, fresh, cool water.


Unlike other breeds, you do not want to bathe Boxers often. Doing so removes the natural oils on their skin. This smooth, shorthaired canine is easy to groom. We recommend you brush your Boxer with a firm bristle brush often.


Boxer puppies should be given one twenty minute walk a day. Their adult counterparts need thirty to forty five minutes of daily walking.

Two to three times a week your Boxer should be given the opportunity to sprint around. This can be done in a large fenced yard or open field. Dog parks are also great: We recommend the game “Fetch” for this breed. Trail running also suits them perfectly.


Training your Boxer is a perfect form of both physical AND mental stimulation. Due to their extreme intelligence and enormously enthusiastic personalities, the breed picks up commands quickly. 

Boxers respond best to positive reward based training models. These models rely on encouragement, praise, repetition, and consistency.

We recommend you get your Boxer a clicker! A clicker is an object that marks good behavior with sound. This, coupled with dog treats and affection, make for the perfect training tool.

Because the breed is part of the working class, Boxer owners need a strong “pack leader” presence.


Boxers are susceptible to to cancer, heart conditions, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and degenerative myelopathy. For these reasons it is important to choose your baby Box from a reputable breeder.


Boxers were developed in Germany. The breed was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1904. The dog was bred from the now extinct Bullenbeisser, a Mastiff decent, and British Bulldogs. The name “Boxer” was supposedly created because the breed plays on it’s hind legs, using it’s front paws to “box”.


The 8th most popular dog breed is a beautiful, enthusiastic, loyal dog. Boxer guard dogs are truly amazing companions that deserve all the love and attention you can provide! Have a Boxerific day ;)