Automated Business

Automated BusinessAutomated Business

Let’s pretend that you run a lemonade stand. Every single day you go to the store, pick up the ingredients, go back home, make lemonade, go out to the park, and sell lemonade. You’re doing so well that you make $100 dollars a day! Great, right?

Wrong. There’s a way to make way more money. I’d like to invite you to run an automated business.

The Automated Business Concept

Let’s look back at the previous scenario. This time, you pay “Dylan” to go to the store everyday and pick up ingredients. Dylan then drops off those ingredients at “Jackie’s” home where you pay her to make lemonade. When she’s done preparing the lemonade Jackie drops it off at the park for “Nicholas” to sell. You also pay “Lector” to pay your employees and deposit the profits into your bank account at the end of the day. Nicholas makes $100 a day selling your lemonade. You then pay him, Dylan, Jackie, and Lector $20 each.

You walk away with $20 profit a day for doing absolutely nothing. (other than hiring everyone)

Let’s also pretend that there are ten parks in your city. You’re not spending your time selling lemonade so you have all the time in the world to hire more employees who will do that for you. You hire one to sell lemonade at each park and end up with 13 total.
Nicholas + 9 other sellers, Dylan (picks up ingredients), Jackie (makes and drops off lemonade), and Lector (Pays everyone)

You’re selling $100 worth of lemonade at each park. Gross Income: $1,000.
You’re paying 13 people $20= $260. Let’s also say that you’re spending $100 on lemonade supplies.
Total Expenses: $360

Your profits are $640 a day. The best part of all? You’re not working. You can do whatever you want whenever you want as your business runs itself for you, making you richer and richer. Welcome to the world of automated businesses.

How To Automate Your Business

You’re going to automate your business differently depending on your companies “genre”. However, here are three general guidelines that you can use across the board:

• Start by outsourcing your easiest/ least important services
• Pick up a virtual assistant
• Drop ship any products that you sell so that you do not have an inventory

Automated Online Business

Automating your online business is the best way to go in my opinion. Low startup costs mixed with potentially crazy returns, and they’re super easy to automate. You can outsource your site construction. You can outsource your search engine optimization. You can sell e-products. Your virtual assistant can take care of customer service, marketing, and building customer relationships.

It’s an easy decision- if you’re going automated, Automated Online Businesses are the way to go.

Automated Online Marketing

You’ve read this far: It’s time to throw you some gems. If you can market on any of the following social medias properly your automated business will flourish.

WordPress: One of WordPress’s best features is it’s scheduler. You can schedule your articles to post at any time, on any date. This means that you could potentially spend six months writing three articles a day, and that your “now-automated” site could grow for the next year without you even touching it.

Tumblr: Tumblr is fantastic because you can link your posts. This means that you can post a picture and then link it to your site! It’s a great tool for building organic traffic. You could get a virtual assistant to run your Tumblr and build organic traffic for you.

Youtube: You can start a video blog on Youtube! This does require some work up front, however, after making the videos you can use a virtual assistant to set them up with SEO titles and descriptions. From there your VA can post them as directed. If you’re going to go the youtube route I recommend posting two videos a week to pick up momentum.

Automate Your Business

We’ve covered what an automated business is, a couple general tips on automating any type of business, we’ve gone over which type of business is easiest to automate, and how to get a jump start on your automated online businesses marketing campaign. Here’s one last bit of information I’d like to leave you with: Information selling is the most profitable industry. It is the only product that can be marked up 200+%.

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