Making Money On Instagram

Making Money On InstagramIn this article I’m going to teach you how to make a substantial income on Instagram in a short amount of time. I actually used the social media application to fund LDM when it was first getting on its feet.

Instagram Explained

As most of you know, Instagram is a photo sharing app/ social network created for both Apple and Android’s operating systems.

How Much Money?

So how much money are we talking here? It depends. The amount of money that you make on IG is directly proportional to these following factors:
• The number of followers your blog has
• The number of blogs you run
• The amount you charge per “shout out” (I’ll explain in a moment)
• The number of people that ask you to shout them out.

I know that is not satisfying so let me give you a real life example: A buddy of mine has 325k followers and charges $95 per shout out. He gave out five shout outs today and made $475. If he stays consistent the rest of the month, he will make around $14,000. This is where things get exciting: He also owns a blog with 252k followers. He charges $85 per shout out there, and did four shout outs, earning him an additional $340.. today. If he stays consistent, he will make another $10,000 this month, adding up to 24,000 dollars.

^This is where all of that gets exciting. The shout out pricepoint of his next two top blogs are $75 each. Between the two of them he did 10 shout outs today. $750. Assuming he is consistent you can add another $22,500 to that $24,000.

If my point still hasn’t hit home: He owns 18 blogs.

It takes time to build up to those numbers. For now, let’s focus on making one blog relatively big, relatively quickly, and have you earning $100 a day within two months.

The Guide

First things first, you’re going to pick a niche or topic. You want your niche to be popular: an example would be “cars”. Next, go follow all of the popular blogs in your niche. Spend an hour analyzing them: how often are they posting? What type of content gets the best reaction from their followers? Now, let’s mimic their success.

Step One: Get Started

Go to the app store and grab the app SaveGram. Savegram saves photos from Instagram to your camera roll. You can then upload those pictures to your account. You’re going to go through the top blogs in your niche and pick the very best 100 photos you can find. Make these first 100 picture-posts gold. Post ten of them immediately with hashtags (more on hashtags later)

Step Two: Follow Niche Related Followers

You’re going to choose one of the top blogs you just followed (From now on do not steal any pictures from this blog). Go into this blog’s “followers” list and begin following the people following them. The reasoning behind this is that they have already expressed interest in your topic.

If your blogs name is @Luxurycars, and you follow somebody following @Supercars, that person is way more likely to give your blog a look then if you started following blogs that are following @Kimkardashian.

Instagram has a follow limit of 50 people per hour, so you’re going to want to post a picture and follow 50 people every hour.

Your goal is to be sitting at around 33% in terms of your follow to follower ratio. This means that if you’re following 6,000 you want about 2,000 followers. Anything over 33% means you’re doing great!

Step Three: Unfollow All Niche Related Followers

If you follow and post every hour for eight hours a day, you will hit the 6,000 following mark within 15 days. Once you’re there: unfollow everyone you just followed (keep following the big blogs). Assuming you’re converting at 33% and your content is gold, very few people will unfollow you.

Step Four: Buy Shoutouts

At this point, your IG account should be starting to look like the shit. You’re at around 100 posts (all fantastic), you’ve got somewhere around 2000 followers and you’re only following 50-100 blogs: It’s time to invest some money into shout outs. You can do this by contacting IG accounts through their business emails (Business emails will be in the account bio). Just say something along the lines of:

Hi There,

I’m interested in purchasing a shout out for my (niche) blog. What are your price-points?

I look forward to your reply,
Your name

Buying shout outs is the most effective way to kill it at Instagram. If you have a couple bucks to burn, you can seriously begin making real cash, real fast.

What Next?

The minute you hit 10k followers create a business email. I suggest

Throw your email address in your IG account’s bio. Not many people are going to buy shout outs from you just quite yet, but you now have leverage. Begin requesting shout out for shout outs with blogs that are within five thousand followers of yours.

Twenty Thousand Strong

Once you hit 20,000 followers, start selling shout outs. You can pour the money you earn from shout outs into purchasing more shout outs. Grow your following and charge more for shout outs, buy better shout outs, and let the snowball spiral.

Additional Tips

Once you hit 100 posts go to Google and download the program 4kstogram. 4kstogram allows you to type in account usernames and rip their entire posting collection. Find your favorite blogs and get all of their photos. Make a photo album in your phone labeled “your blogs name” and begin dragging all the photos you like to it. You can now use this album to post high quality photos quickly, saving you tons of time.

FREE Method

I’m guessing that there is a portion of you out there that won’t have money to spend on shout outs. That’s completely fine. We’re going to get you guys balling out just like the rest of us. I do warn you though, shout outs are, far and away, the most effective way to grow your IG account. Although doing this the free way will work, it’s going to take a lot more time out of your day. Nonetheless, we’ll still have you at around 20,000 followers within 2 months.

You’re going to want to set up a “Shout out” account. Pick a username that has the word “Shoutouts” in it. Examples include @SuperShoutouts and @BuildFollowerShoutouts. Start off by posting roughly ten high quality pictures.

Next, go online and download shout out pictures. You can find plenty on Google.

Now, follow as many people as possible. You’re going to want to build up a following on your shout out account. Once you have a decent sized following (500 or so) begin posting the shout outs pictures with a caption that says “Read Below For A Free Shout Out”. In the comments say something to the effect of “Follow (Your Main Blog) and comment FINISHED on its most recent post”.  This makes it incredibly easy for you to find the people that you need to shout out at the end of the day.

I should also mention that you need to be hashtagging on these posts. Post many hashtags related to shout outs and your main blogs topic.

Now, towards the end of the day you need to post a couple shout out pictures linking all of the people that followed your new blog.

If you continue to do this for a month, your following will build on both blogs simultaneously and in a way, you will be able to replicate the shout out process.

As soon as you can, transition out of this and into getting shout outs for shout outs, and once you make a little money, purchase shout outs.


Hashtags are a great way to give your blog visibility. If overused, they can also be a great way of ruining your blog’s credibility. I recommend you stick to one hashtag in your post and that you do the rest of your hashtag work in the comments. One out of every ten posts or so, go to your comments and post 10 hashtags. After an hour, delete those hashtags, and post ten more. This will give that post continued visibility, giving your entire blog an attention boost. Remember though, hashtags can look spammy. Don’t let your blog look spammy.


So there you have it! Two months from now you could quit your job, make a living on Instagram, and spend your time doing the things you love. Au Revoir.. Oh, and don’t forget to check out LifestyleDevelopmentMatrix on Instragram!