US Online Poker

US Poker SitesBefore I begin this article, I want to make it extremely clear that this idea to make money is for your entertainment only. Online gambling laws are controversial and online poker, in particular, is in a grey area legally speaking. In other words, read what I’m about to write, realize that I made it up, think about what a great idea it is, and then move on… or at least do it all (and potentially make tons of money) at your own risk.

The Math

At a full time, forty hour a week 9 to 5, you’d make around $320 a week, $640 a paycheck, and $1280 a month BEFORE taxes. If you quit your job and played online poker eight hours a day, seven days a week, you would need to make exactly 5 dollars and seventy cents an hour to break even.

Concept Revealed

Theoretically, you could learn about Poker through books, products, and programs while playing for free online until you are consistently winning tables. Eventually, you would transition into one of the pay-to-play Poker sites that allow US players. Once there, you’d play at the 2-5 cent buy-ins where pots run anywhere from 10 cents to 5 dollars.

The key would be to continue learning. The people at these low end tables didn’t train at free tables until they were consistently winning, they aren’t playing eight hours a day for money consistently, and for the most part, they aren’t learning anything and everything they can about poker. If you’re training like a pro and playing with amateurs, you’re going to run tables sooner or later. Dan Bilzerian, who has made 50 million dollars off of poker, said himself that he is an average poker player who makes a ton of money playing against bad poker players.

Once you put together a size-able bank roll ($1,000+ excess dollars) you can move up to the next level and slowly build things up to the higher tables. Everybody wants to rush over to the high stakes tables where the pros are playing. Be smarter than that: be the low stakes shark.

Best Free Poker Sites

In terms of free poker sites, Zygna and Bovada are the best around. Zygna is a gaming company with a fantastic poker interface. The cool thing about Zygna’s Texas Hold’em is that the game hosts over 10 million monthly users and offers a leveling system. You start off on level 1 as a fish. As you win hands you gain experience and level up. There are one hundred and five levels.

Although Bovada does not offer the same leveling system, I’m mentioning it here because it perfectly prepares you to transition into real online poker. It is the exact same site that I’ll be talking about in the paid poker section. Using the free tables in Bovada will help you become very familiar with the software and game speed of the tables you will be playing on. More importantly, it will provide the feeling of a real poker match for you so that your transition feels seamless.

Online Poker: The Real Deal

It’s time to move to the real tables and play for cold hard cash. Where though?

Bovada Poker. All Day.

Although a lot of people will mention BETOnline as a great alternative to Bovada I’ve heard (wink wink) that their servers crash often, posing a security risk for their users.

Bovada has a sleek interface and reliable servers. The company offers a variety of game types which include Texas Hold-em, Omaha, Omaha Lo, Seven Card Stud, and Seven Card Hi/Lo. On top of that, they offer a variety of actual game modes: Cash Games, Sit & Go Tournaments, and Scheduled Tournaments are all included. To top it all off, Bovada’s buy-in filters and easy payment options make them the clear cut winner in my opinion.


So, there you have it. A clear cut method to making tons of money playing Poker! I’m going to mention one more time that this article is for entertainment purposes only, and that your decision to play online poker is at your own risk.