Benefits Of A Healthy Diet

How To Eat HealthyBenefits Of A Healthy Diet

I hand you two cups, each filled with a different liquid. The first drink will make you better looking. It will help you think clearly, prevent disease, extend your life, and give you more energy. Due to the fact that all of these things are happening you are able to make the right moves and become successful.

The second drink is a liquid cancer. It will make you age quicker, and feel tired faster. On top of that it will slow down your brain and make you dumber.

Which drink seems more appealing? You would think the first, right?

Wrong. The first drink is liquid kale and hardly anybody even knows what it is. The second is Coca-Cola, the global leader in the beverage industry.

This articles goal is to first educate you on healthy food, and the benefits of a healthy diet.

Exercising And Eating Healthy

Your nutrition becomes extremely important once you begin working out. This is due to the fact that you will be expending lots of energy and burning thousands of calories in the gym.

The amount and type of food that you should consume is going to differ depending on whether you want to lose or gain weight. That being said, it’s crucial that you understand the different components of maintaining a healthy diet so that you can make healthy substitutions to your eating plan and educated decisions as to what you’re putting in your body.

If you eat properly and pick up an elite workout plan you will make insane progress in both your physique, and health. You’ll be building things the right way, and you’ll be building things the right way fast.

Although I won’t go into to much detail about working out on this page, you’re going to want to eat roughly thirty minutes before entering the gym. After finishing, you must eat within thirty minutes. We’ll call this your “thirty minute window”. It is important that you eat fast-burning carbohydrates (such as white bread) and proteins (such as whey or meat) so that your metabolism will speed up and encourage rapid muscle regrowth.

Eating Healthy For Men

Foods That Boost Testosterone

• Shrimp
• Strawberries
• Tuna
• Egg Yolks

Foods That Lower Testosterone

• Flax
• Licorice
• Beer
• Soy
• Whole Grains
• Soda

Foods That Boost Your Sex Drive

• Black Raspberries
• Broccoli
• Cloves
• Eggs
• Lettuce
• Bananas
• Avocado
• Almonds

Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive

• Dairy (Ice Cream, Cream Cheese, Etc)
• Baked Goods
• Alcohol
• Excess Consumption of Red Meat

How Eating Healthy Leads To Success

Imagine it. You cut out all the disgusting, sickening, unhealthy foods that you’re poisoning your body with on a consistent basis. You begin to research the benefits of a healthy diet. On top of that you go out and buy a workout program. All of a sudden you’re eating great, working out, and feeling fantastic. How would that change your life?

You want to know how to feel even better so you do a little research and find out about health supplements. After further educating yourself you learn about health drinks. Suddenly, you’re looking better, you’re thinking clearer, and your bodies running cleaner. Due to the fact that all of this is happening you’re killing it socially. You feel great because you’re killing it socially and begin offering a ton of value through your work. Due to this upward spiral of positivity, you’re feeling even better. You buy a more intense workout program and start putting in more work at the gym, you research nutrition further and your diet becomes stricter. Dear lord, you’re looking fantastic, your brain is running so cleanly, your life is transforming: What the fuck is happening?

You’re living out the self fulfilling prophecy of a natural high. When you supply your body with the best fuel possible you run cleaner, become smarter, and feel fantastic. These peaks lead to you acting at a higher level of consciousness, which in turn propels you towards success. Getting your health and nutrition handled is truly one of the best ways to kickstart your life towards its success spiral.

Understanding Proteins

Proteins are amino acids strung together in complex formations. Due to the fact that proteins are complex molecules, the body takes longer to break them down. This makes them a long lasting source of energy. Proteins main functions include tissue replacement, maintenance, function, and growth.

Examples of food that are high in protein include eggs, greek yogurt, chicken breast, turkey breast, and talapia.

Understanding Carbs

There are three different types of Carbohydrates: Starches, sugars, and fiber. Starches are long complex chains of simple sugars. We often call them complex carbohydrates. Examples of foods that are high in starch include grains, potatoes, corn, and beans.

What starches should we eat?

Whole beans, and lentils are the best starches to eat. Whole grains such as brown rice, and quinoa are great as well.

What starches should I avoid?

Try to avoid baked goods/ foods made with flour. Also try to avoid processed cereals.


There are two different categories of sugars: Simple sugars and Complex Sugars.

Simple sugars, also known as added sugars, are usually sweet. Fructose, glucose, syrup, lactose, sugar, honey, molasses, corn syrup or fruit juice concentrates are all examples of added sugars.

Complex sugars are an important source of fuel for your body. You want to find and eat high fibre complex sugars. Good examples of high fibre complex sugars include starchy foods like bread, rice, and pasta.

I should also mention that there is a third category: Combinations of simple and complex sugars.


Fiber comes from edible plant products. Therefore you cannot get fiber out of animal derived foods (Fish, meat, eggs, etc.). Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are great fiber sources.

Dietary Fiber (inedible plant parts) passes straight through your intestines without being digested.

Why is fiber important?

It helps your digestive tracts remain healthy, lowers your cholesterol, and gives you that “I’m full” feeling after eating.

Understanding Calories

Calories are a measure of the amount of energy in any given food.  We gain calories by eating/ drinking and lose them through expelling energy (Usually physical action). This means that your weight is directly proportional to the amount of energy (Calories) you consume and the amount that you burn.

1 Kilocalorie= 1 Calorie (We measure 1 Calorie for every 1,000 calories).

How would I count Calories?

Find your foods nutrition label, on which, Kilocalories will be stated. Next divide your Kilocalories by 1,000 and Voila! You have a Calorie count for that item.

Understanding Fat

Your body needs healthy fats for growth and energy. Fats are created from a mesh of fatty acids and glycerol.

Fats are both the slowest & most energy-efficient form of food. In fact, they are such an efficient source of energy that the body often receives more than it needs. It stores this surplus in your stomach and under your skin. It may also store excess fat in your blood vessels, which can block blood flow and damage your organs often causing serious health problems.

Make sure you eat the right amount of healthy fats.

Understanding Vitamins

Vitamin A- Retinol

Vitamin A strengthens our immune system, helps you maintain healthy eyes, keeps your skin in wonderful condition, supports growth, controls cell specialization, AND aids in reproduction.

Seafood (in particular Halibut, Herring, Pilchards, Sardines, and Tuna), milk, eggs, and fortified breakfast cereals are all good sources of Vitamin A

The Vitamin B Complex

Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine, Biotin, Folate, and Cobalamin make up the Vitamin B Complex. This Complex plays a critical role in energy production and utilization.

It also plays a part in cell multiplication and the production of red blood cells. Lastly, B Vitamins can improve our mood, boost our energy levels, relieve pain, and keep our nervous systems healthy.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It activates white blood cells, enabling them to fight bacteria and viruses. It also aids our body in structure, strength, and elasticity. Furthermore, it helps metabolize fat, and folic acid. Lastly, it plays an important role in our bodies stress response.


Vitamin C regulates our cholesterol, lowering bad and increasing good levels. It also blocks Hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is an important part of our connective tissue that lubricates and cushions our joints. It was recently branded as an “Anti-Aging Remedy”.


It is a common misconception that fruit, especially citrus, is the best source of Vitamin C. Uncooked vegetables are actually a better source.

Eat Healthy- You’ll Feel Fantastic

I used to eat fast food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner four days a week, for several years. Nowadays I have a strict diet, take health supplements, and feel fantastic in a way I never before knew existed. Take it from a man that has seen both sides to this story: I choose a healthy life over an unhealthy life every single time.

Still not convinced? Look at things from the bigger picture. You have two paths: You either choose the “first drink” and live longer, happier, and reap the benefits of things that come with that or you take the “second drink”, poison yourself, age quicker, and die faster.