Juicing Versus Blending

What Is Blending

Juicing Versus Blending. Which Is Healthier?

Here at LDM we recently posted an article about the health benefits of kale juice that stirred up quite a reaction from our readers. Our email was flooded with hundreds of questions about kale juice, kale blends, and the pros and cons of juicing in comparison to blending.

Naturally, we decided to go the extra mile and provide you with a full guide to both. Here is a description of each and comparison between the two. Enjoy!

What Is Juicing?

Juicing is a process that extracts the natural liquids, vitamins, and minerals from raw fruits and vegetables.

The main advantage to juicing is that the process is able to get rid of all fiber by eliminating vegetable and fruit roughage. This leaves only the nutrients in liquid form.

At this point you’re probably wondering why eliminating fiber is a good thing. It’s beneficial because fiber slows down the digestive process. Without fiber, your digestive system can absorb the nutrients faster, and much more efficiently.

The problem with Juicing is that without fiber, sugar is also absorbed much faster into the bloodstream. This results in rapid blood sugar spikes which can lead to a plethora of problems, including but not limited to: mood swings, energy loss, and memory problems.

What Is Blending?

Blending is the process of smoothly mixing fruits and vegetables together. While juicing is more similar to a nutrient packed espresso shot, blending includes the fruit and vegetable fiber (skin). Fiber slows down your digestion process helping to create a slower, more even release of nutrients into the blood stream.

This is great because your blood sugar levels will not spike. Another advantage of blending is that the fiber keeps you fuller, longer.

Which Is Better?

I personally do both. The advantage AND disadvantage to juicing is that you can absorb nutrients and sugar much more efficiently. The advantage and disadvantage to blending is that you absorb the nutrients and sugar over a longer period of time.

I’m sure that answer didn’t satisfy all of you so here is the “gun to my head I have to pick one” answer: If I had to cut out one and keep the other, I would choose to keep my blend-eds because I love the fiber, and although I feel amazing right after Juicing, the energy and vibrancy I get out of my blend-eds last throughout the day.

Best of both worlds? Do both.