Person Of Influence: Anthony Robbins

Anthony RobbinsAnthony Robbins is the most successful self development guru/genius on earth. The man’s books are world class, his products are insane, and his live events are said to be absolutely life changing. He has cultivated the ability to create extreme emotion from his massive support group, and is at the pinnacle of business. He also offers one on one coaching for seven figures a year. Check out the preview to his “Business Mastery” live event below:

The award winning speaker and world renowned best selling author came from humble beginnings. In fact, when Tony was eleven years old, his family couldn’t afford Thanksgiving dinner. Somebody actually came to his door, delivered food, and Tony was touched deeply. The idea that a stranger actually cared about his family made Tony want to help strangers, and it utterly transformed his life. When he was seventeen he fed two families, at eighteen he doubled his efforts and fed four, and by twenty he was feeding people with his own business. This year he’s feeding 50 million people. Quite a concept, right? He talks about it all in his Ted Talk, which I’ve linked below:

Anthony Robbins is featured on this episode of “Person Of Influence” due to his massive success, his extreme presense and fantastic public speaking skills, and his unwavering will to help those in need. It is safe to say that Mr. Robbins is one seriously high status male.