Person Of Influence: Dan Bilzerian

Dan BilzerianSimply put, Dan Bilzerian is iconic. Garnering a combined Facebook/Instagram following of over 15.3 million, Dan has established himself as a social media king. He leads a lifestyle full of women, money, and weaponry so outlandishly awesome that men live through him vicariously.

The thirty-four year old celebrity was born in Tampa, Florida. His father, Paul Bilzerian, set up large trust funds for him and his brother Adam.

When Dan turned ten years old his father was sentenced to serve nine counts of stock and tax fraud in prison. As you can imagine, this was incredibly rough for the family. Directly following his fathers departure, the junior Bilzerian was expelled from two schools back to back. He was placed in a military academy up until his father got out on parole, at which point, the family quickly moved to Utah.

In Utah, Paul purchased a new company and became, yet again, heavily involved in a lawsuit. With a knack for trouble in the bloodline, Dan found a way to get expelled from a third school. He brought his fathers M16 machine gun to school in the trunk of his car. He was incredibly proud of his father for serving in Vietnam and showed the weapon to just about everybody. When authorities found out, he was asked to leave Utah for good.

Still trying to figure things out for himself, Dan joined the Navy. In particular, the Seal division. After several attempts, he was dropped from the training program for a safety violation on the shooting range. It was around this time that his father Paul, went back to jail.

After being pressured from the government, Dan used one third of his trust fund to bail out his father. Sources say that Paul was so mad, the pair didn’t talk for eight months.

Through the adversity, poker entered the equation, and Dan bounced back. He learned to play at the University of Florida, where he enrolled after his honorable discharge from the navy to study business and criminology.

Two years in, he was completely broke. According to Dan himself, it was part of the growing process. “You have to go broke to respect the money” he said in an interview with GQ Magazine. He sold his possessions and returned to the table with 750 dollars to his name: his intensity was unmatched.

He turned that money into $10,000 and bought a one-way ticket to Las Vegas where he made $187,000.

At 27, he gained fame through the poker scene. Although he placed 180th at a high stakes tournament, his charisma had ESPN giving him loads of camera time. This led to a sponsorship deal with Victory Poker and the beginning of Dan Bilzerian’s social media empire. He began performing public stunts; swimming through alligator-filled lakes at midnight, shooting firearms in the desert, and betting insane amounts at private cash games. According to GQ, he once flipped a coin for 2.3 million dollars in chips and lost.

Today, the social media king inhabits a gated mansion in Hollywood Hills, where his neighbors include the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and the nightclub impresario Sam Nazarian. He has three pets; Smushball, Beatrice and Zeus. He also owns an estate in La Jolla and a home in Las Vegas.

Here’s his interview with All In:

With a social media empire such as his, we expect that Dan Bilzerian is making money through both Instagram and Facebook. Dan is featured on “Person Of Influence” because of his outstanding marketing regime and his fantastic attitude towards living life. He has overcome obstacle after obstacle to get to where he is today, and has found a way to live the life he wants to live. We think it’s safe to say that Dan Bilzerian built a high status lifestyle.