Person Of Influence: Owen Cook

Owen CookOwen Cook, who operates under the alias of RSD Tyler, is the co-founder and executive producer over at Real Social Dynamics. RSD is a company that specializes in dating advice, image consultation, public representation, and integrating people into social scenes.

Mr. Cook was first notarized when Neil Strauss painted him as an antagonist within “The Game”. The Game is a bestselling, award winning book on pick up artistry. Specializing in Cold Approach pick up and Lifestyle Development, Owen is currently considered the top pick up artist in the world.

Owen also has two youtube channels, RSDTYLER & RSDFREETOUR , through which he spreads an immense amount of value. In addition, He runs Bootcamps, Hotseats, and Free Tours.

During Bootcamps, he takes a group of students and coaches them in-person for two days. In one weekend he will completely rewire your reality, telling you who to approach, how to get past your sticking points, and together you will take your game to insane heights.

Through his Hotseats, Owen shows footage of himself in-field, pauses the video every couple of frames, and fully analyzes what he’s doing, why he’s doing it, and even how he does it. This really gives you a glimpse into his thought process’s when he’s out picking up women.

Finally, there are the Free Tours. During Free Tours, Tyler goes up in front of an audience, unscripted, and just rifts off whatever he’s thinking in the moment.

Check out his hilarious (and insightful) Free Tour video below.

Owen keeps company with the likes of Tai Lopez, Michael Sartain, and Jame’s Swanwick. On top of that, he is extremely healthy. Here’s a video of him and Jame’s sharing their view on using alcohol to be social.

Owen is featured in this weeks Person Of Influence because he is at the peak of the social genre. He is a self development guru, and his ideas challenge group think or social conditioning. I have personally been mentored through his youtube channels and products, and I am beyond appreciative to have had access to someone so deep and insightful. To sum it all up: his free youtube channels are priceless and he is the catalyst of what happens when you get deep into self development. Keep doing good things Owen: You’re changing lives.