Person Of Influence: Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is a mega entrepreneur, investing in, partnering with, and adviser to over twenty multi-million dollar businesses. His podcast boasts 1.4 million subscribers, to which he communicates a variety of profound and influential ideas. His impressive library (5000+ books) is only outdone by his ability to read one book a day.

Tai spent two years with the Amish, dropped out of college, and eventually hit rock bottom before picking up his phone book and seeking out five multi-millionaire mentors. A decade later, he has multiple homes located in Hollywood hills where he throws some of the most exclusive parties.

Mr. Lopez spends his days seeking out and conducting business all around the globe with the world’s most influential people. He has owned top night clubs, industry leading dating sites, and a whole plethora of other businesses. He speaks at top conventions and universities all around the world.

Tai Lopez is featured on Lifestyle Development Matrix’s “Person Of Influence” because of his expertise in business, extreme social intelligence, and the insightful perspectives he brings to the table. His youtube channel shares completely profound wisdom. Tai Lopez is the multi-millionaire mentor at your fingertips.