How To MULTIPLY The Winner Effect And Hit The Cycle Of Returns

Cycle Of ReturnsToday we are talking about a topic that is going to COMPLETELY alter your life. The Cycle Of Returns.

This is literally cream of the crop information that took me YEARS to learn, and you’re about to get it right here, right now, in one blog post!

Imagine that you decide to begin taking action today to drastically improve your life. You buy a workout program and go to the gym, you check out a nutrition blog and start eating healthy, you pick up a self development book and read for two hours, you build and launch an Adsense blog to make passive income and free up your time. After which you go out and cold approach for 2 hours. You then come home and build an online profile on a dating site in order to develop great text game and build abundance. You just did all of this today.

Next, imagine that you are 1 month into all of these things. You’re starting to get into a routine. You pick up a gym partner and start meeting a few fit guys at the gym, you’ve noticed your body is starting to run smoother due to your healthy diet, You’ve finished a book or two and now have a reading list, your website has 30 articles and you’re applying for an official Adsense account, You’re getting comfortable going out regularly and are even beginning to enjoy it. You’ve gone on two dates due to your online profile and you have 10 new numbers from different girls you’ve talked with. Welcome to the winner effect. You’re building momentum in all these areas of your life.

Fast forward, You’re now 6 months in. You and your gym buddy are both noticing results, fast. You actually got some amazing tips from one of your new friends you met at the gym that pushed you to the next level. What’s more inspiring is the fact that you’re now lifting heavier weight, because of this your muscles are growing faster, because your muscles are growing faster you can lift heavier weight quicker. You could take a day off but you’re noticing how great your body looks. It’s growing almost noticeably every single day, and you refuse to lose momentum.

Because you’re still eating right, you’re building the exact way you want to be. You’re getting bigger faster and faster so you’re eating more and more. You feel fantastic, your skin shines, your breath smells great, and your brain runs cleaner. You’re providing your body with the best fuel possible and it is pushing you to function in a higher state of consciousness that is affecting your other areas of life.

You’ve now read 15 books and have absorbed so much critical information. You feel smarter. On top of that the more you read, the better you get at reading. The better you get at reading, the faster you read. The faster you read, the more you read. The more you read, the better you get at reading, and the snowball spirals.

Your website is now 160 articles strong. You qualified for Adsense and now have traffic coming to your site. Because traffic is coming to your site, your site is beginning to rank higher on the Google search engine. Because your site is ranking higher, more traffic is finding your site. Suddenly you’re starting to make decent money and can quit your crappy 9-5 job. While it’s rough financially this first month the extra time allows you to begin writing two articles a day AND start a youtube v-blog to drive traffic to your site. More traffic leads to a higher ranking, which leads to more traffic, and you make more money.

You’re getting really good at online game. You’ve perfected your profile and after averaging 15 numbers a month (Really low.. Only 1 number every other day) you have 90 new phone numbers. You’ve managed to go on 30 dates through online dating. Both your confidence and social intuition have skyrocketed. You feel much more abundant. Because of this you pass congruence tests with ease and more girls are attracted to you. You’re getting numbers faster and faster, and girls don’t flake date-wise as much anymore.

This all transitions perfectly into your cold approach game. Assuming you approach 12 girls a day (one every ten minutes for the 2 hours that you are out) you have now done just over 2,000 approaches. You’re recognizing patterns, your approach anxiety is minimal, you are meeting hotter and hotter girls. You’re having more and more fun. You want to go out more. You quit your 9 to 5 earlier this month and have more free time. You’re meeting high status guy friends through the hot girls you’re picking up. These high status men are inviting you to parties, where you game, and meet even hotter girls, who introduce you to cooler guys, who get you into better parties, where there are hotter girls. You’re killing it with the hotter girls, so they introduce you to even cooler guys, who get you into even cooler parties. Your abundance and raised standards has you screening harder and meeting even hotter girls when you go out and cold approach. This is the Cycle Of Returns. This is the key to success.

How would I recommend you take advantage of this newfound knowledge? Pick categories in which you would like to improve. First, prioritize your categories. Next, do a little research and figure out how to improve in those categories. Then begin. Start today! I promise you that 6 months from now you’ll thank yourself.

Hope you enjoyed! I’m off to bed so I’ll catch you bright and early tomorrow :)

Zachary Williams

Lifestyle Development Matrix