Lifestyle Building

Lifestyle BuildingZach Here!

Just took two of my cats to the vet with my smoking hot girlfriend in the Audi S4, and for some reason it got me thinking about what it takes to build an awesome, badass lifestyle.

First, a bit about me- I originally categorized areas of my life that I wanted to improve. These areas included:

Social Dynamics (Dominating in social settings, Meeting incredible people, Developing amazing relationships, Building vast social matrices)

•Developing My Inner Character

Finance/ Business/ Marketing

Health/Nutrition (Diet, Meditation, ETC)

Fitness (Gym)

•Music (Production and song creation)


Aesthetics (Apparel, The ability to put myself together, Mastery of communicating through the English language)

•Material Possessions


I’m sure I’m forgetting one or two things but you get the idea. All of these areas are subcategories of a broader topic I call “Self Development”.

I originally focused on Social Dynamics: went out and met tons of beautiful women, developed amazing friendships with high status men, and had many truly unforgettable experiences. Through surrounding myself with good looking, fit people I felt pressure to go out and get fit myself: Thus I began going to the gym. Then I met the woman of my dreams, whom I’ll talk about more in later posts. She transformed my eating habits. Suddenly I’m crushing it at my social life, feeling fantastic about the shape my body is in, and I’m feeling amazing because my body and brain are both running so smoothly from my hardcore healthy nutrition.

Pretty soon I noticed a funny thing. All these positive feelings helped me crush it even more socially, which in turn had me around even hotter girls/ bigger, higher status men that made me want to get fitter, and eat healthier, and the snowball of positivity spiraled. To learn more about the snowball of positivity (cycle of returns) click here.

Then, about 8 months ago, my life did a 180. Due to some serious personal issues I found myself completely broke, and my primary focus became my finances.

I’ve come a long, long way since then and I want to share with you exactly what to do, and how to do whatever it is you want to do, in order to ultimately live the lifestyle you want.

If I could do everything all over again I would focus on my finances first. Having your finances handled will alleviate your time and give you the optimum ability to focus on all the other aspects of your life that you want to have handled. To learn how to build a passive income business click here.

Next I would dive into Reading (For book Recommendations click here) and learning as much as you can by watching LDM instructor Youtube channels. Try to do an hour of reading a day, and watch at least 15 minutes of video. You can watch my youtube channel here. Eventually you want to build up to 2 hours of reading a day, and 45+ minutes of video analysis. This will keep your mind engaged and you will be learning tons of content extremely quickly (Top 1%).

As soon as you can, add Social Dynamics (For a great program to get you started click here), going to the Gym 6 days a week (to check out workout programs click here), and a healthy nutrition (To learn more about health and your diet click here) with full dedication and commitment to your lifestyle.

My advice? Start today. A year from now you will be amazed at how far you’ve come :)

All the best,

Zach Williams

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