The Power Of Positive Thinking And Positive Reframes

Positive Thinking And ReframesThe Power Of Positive Thinking

Energy is everywhere. Energy is everything. You are receiving and transmitting energy at all times. This article is going to first explain the power of positive thinking, and then teach you how to control the energy that you’re putting out to, and receiving from the world. This restructuring of your brain will completely change who you are and is a fundamental aspect in becoming successful.

Perspective Is Everything

Your perspective is your interpretation of your experiences. You and your friend Todd are driving to a dinner party. You hit every red light and although you’re still on time it takes you twice as long as you estimated it would to arrive. Are you upset because you had to drive longer, or are you happy because you have a car to drive? Perspective is everything because you can choose to see the positive in things, as opposed to the negative, and you will become a much happier person. 

Utilizing Positive Reframes

Your thoughts shape your perspective. Your perspective is your reality. Through positively reframing every experience you have, you can create and live in your own reality. Due to the fact that reality is subjective, the power of positive thinking lies within creating a positive reality that is beneficial to you, throughout all areas of life.

I would recommend a thirty day “positive thinking” challenge in order to gain momentum shaping this new reality. Reframe every  single negative thought that enters your head for a full month. In  doing so your perspective will make a positive shift.

Eliminating Negativity
 After you successfully complete this thirty day challenge you will  build upon your momentum by beginning your thirty day “No  Negativity” challenge. Eliminate voicing any negative emotions or  feelings. Throughout this challenge you should also continue positively reframing your negative thoughts. Now that you are not voicing your negative emotions, and you’re reframing all of your negativity into positivity, you will begin to notice that you feel happier


Positive Thinking Turns To Positive Energy

At the subconscious level people will pick up on this energy shift. Due to the fact you are giving off positive energy in your interactions, others that you’re interacting with will do the same. Suddenly, you find yourself only talking about positive things, you’re reframing all of your negative thoughts, and people are feeding you good emotions through your interactions. You’re gaining positive reference experiences, and BAM. You’ll hit the cycle of returns.

For a full guide to gaining powerful spiritual happiness I would seriously recommend reading The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle. The Power Of Now taught me how to live in the moment and vastly reduced my stress load by quieting my mind. Powerful material.