A Full Guide To Text Game. Get Her Chasing You

A Full Guide To Text GameWhat’s Up Guys!

After perfecting my text game for OVER 3 YEARS I am finally ready to release this guide! We’re going to go in depth so that you can refer to this over and over again no matter how advanced you get.

First let’s cover how to properly set up your phone. Assuming you want to become elite at this, and you really should, you’re going out to cold approach 2 or more hours every day AND you have several online dating profiles. 

Let’s pretend for a moment that you pull two numbers a day- One online, and one out in the real world. One month in you would have 60 new numbers. 6 months from now you would have 360 new numbers. 1 year from now you would have 720 new numbers. 5 years from now you would have 3,600 new numbers.

That’s 3,600 women to keep track of, and that’s not even close to accurate. Why? Because you’re not only going to pull 2 numbers a day. As you interact more, and pull more numbers, you’re going to gain social intelligence and improve as a person. When this happens your results are going to also improve. On top of this you’re going to start getting invited to exclusive parties/ events where just being included establishes social proof. You’re now warm approaching and getting 10, maybe even 15 numbers a night.

With this many girls you’re going to run into all sorts of complications. Women that share the same first name. Women with both the same first and last name. Perhaps women with no middle name whom share the same first/ last name and are from different cities.

Here’s an Example:

Organizing Your Phone

The two Sarah Marie Wensley’s are different girls! Let’s go a step deeper and take a look at their contact information:

Contact List 1

Contact List 2

Bottom line. You need to be organized.

Here’s How:

*First, you should have the first, middle, and last name of every single girl in your phone

*Under the Company/ Notes section enter the city that they are from

*Lastly every single girl should have a caller ID photo. (Click here to learn how)

Now that we know how to set up our phones let’s get into the actual art of texting

First and foremost, the English language is a beautiful thing. Used correctly to articulate your thoughts you can transform the simplest concepts into complete immersive experiences. Spell correctly. Your texts should communicate that you are intelligent and educated.

I want to make it clear right off the bat that this rule can be broken IF you are trying to be humorous/ self amuse. 

Next let’s talk about the things that you want to be communicating. Throughout your conversation you should be showing that you are a high status male. Communicate that:

•You have ambition and drive

•You have a massive social circle and live a social life

•Lots of attractive women are interested in you

•You love life

•You are confident

•You’re interesting

•You are fun to be around

•You have a sense of humor

•They’re things you deeply care about

•You’re healthy

•You’re honest, congruent, and clear in your intentions.

•You have an understanding of female psychology and know how to affect women on an emotional level

•You set boundaries and don’t cross them for anyone

•You have your own standards for yourself

•You are an alpha male

If you’re reading this list thinking “Shit, I don’t have or am not 1 or more of these things” don’t stress. It is OK! Fake it until you make it. I give an example of how faking it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy on Leveraging Social Proof.

STOP trying to be Mr. Serious Cool guy. Stop trying to be “chill”. That’s what everybody else is doing! You want to stand out. If the girl you’re talking to texts the same thing to five guys and 4 of them give the same answer, I want you to be the guy that does something different. Think about this: Different has the potential to be special. Normal is average. Average is boring.

Now that we’re organized and are displaying attractive qualities through text we can get a little bit more advanced:

Introducing the concept of Frame Control

I want you to imagine that in any given interaction there are two or more frames trying to control the direction of the interaction. Whomever has the strongest frame will win out and become the leader of the interaction.

Here is a basic example:

Derek: Hi Trish, want to grab dinner tonight?

Trish: Sorry Derek, I work at 6 pm.

Here are the current frames: Derek wants to hang out. Trish is busy and doesn’t want to hang out tonight.

Derek can accept the fact that he and Trish aren’t hanging out today and the conversation fizzles out right now OR Derek can maintain his frame and persist. Let’s see how option 2 might play out:

Derek: Hi Trish, want to grab dinner tonight?

Trish: Sorry Derek, I work at 6 pm.

Derek: Sounds like you’re free all afternoon. Let’s grab lunch :)

This is an example of a positive reframe. Derek is unfazed, finds a solution to Trish’s excuse, and his frame “Let’s hang out today” wins.

Who else would think of that? Nobody. 99% of men in that situation would accept her excuse, let her frame win, play it safe, and shoot to hang out another day.

Derek’s response is unique, it’s so simple and yet it’s already verging on special. Frame control is EVERYTHING.

Now that you’re exhibiting attractive qualities and trying to control frames you are bound to get Congruence Tests so we’ll focus on that next. Essentially, A woman sleeping with you is a lifetime investment due to the possibility that she could have your child. Therefore women are designed to test men to make sure they are congruent (as they present themselves) as a kind of double checking process.

Reworded: If you’re going to present yourself as an attractive male she’s going to test you to make sure she’s getting the real deal.

How to pass Congruence Tests

You’re going to NEED to pass these tests. Here are four ways to do this:

1. Be Non-reactive to her test

2. Exaggerate her test until it becomes ridiculous

3. Answer in a way she wouldn’t expect.

4. Qualify her for testing you.

Here is an example in which I exhibit all four over Tinder:

How To Pass Congruence Tests 1How To Pass Congruence Tests 2How To Pass Congruence Tests 3How To Pass Congruence Tests 4How to pass congruence tests 5How to pass congruence tests 6How to pass congruence tests 7How to pass congruence tests 8

So there you have it: We’ve gone over Organization, Spelling, Turning the merest concepts into full experiences, Communicating that you are a high status alpha male, Frame Control, AND Passing Congruence Tests. We now have a basic understanding of text game and can talk about Demonstrating Higher Value (DHV) and Asking Qualifying Questions.

In order to build attraction you have to demonstrate the qualities we discussed at the beginning of this post. You can do this by

•Embedding these qualities into the stories you tell.

•Exhibiting them when passing congruence tests.

•Having an outcome-independent attitude and sense of humor.
Note: Your sense of humor should be self amusement based as opposed to reaction seeking. 

By genuinely being interested in self development and working on these areas of your life you become high status. Showing her that you are high status will build attraction, and most men stop there.

The next Concept we’re about to cover will make you SUPER successful with women and building lasting relationships: Qualifying Questions

Imagine that you go out to a party in Beverly Hills with your best friend Jake. The moment you walk in through the doors you see attractive woman after attractive woman. You’ve been going out for a while now and have done enough legwork to understand that you need to influence the environment before it influences you: You immediately start cold approaching- The first set (A set is any group of people with women in it that you approach) opens easily, and you merge sets flawlessly. Suddenly Jake is at your side whispering in your ear, “Pst, Look over there, Center of the room. Name’s Natasha, By far the most interesting girl here. You should approach.” You take a moment to glance towards the center of the room. Damn. Natasha is drop dead gorgeous. She’s surrounded by both attractive women and men, all vying for her attention. Any ordinary man wouldn’t go near the center of the room, but you are no ordinary man. The Perfect Ten Mindset is ingrained in your head. You take a deep breath and begin moving towards her.

Right as you get to her and are ABOUT to open, the host of the party steps in front of you to introduce himself to her. She seems to be enjoying his company and follows him with her girlfriend to the kitchen for drinks. You’re a man of persistence: You follow. Right as you get to the kitchen Natasha turns.. into you, drink in hand, and dumps its contents all over the front of your pants, giving the illusion that you pissed yourself. She apologizes and you get to work. Immediately you’re engaged in conversation with her. Things are going great for a split second before her friend Scarlett comes over and tries to drag her away from you. You follow the two back to the table and begin to take shots with them and Daniel (Host of party). Daniel excuses himself to use the bathroom and you use the couple minutes without him to begin qualifying Natasha. She loves you! You go in for the kiss. She freaks out. Natasha is screaming at you, Scarlett is screaming at you. Jake is at your side again, he’s telling you that Daniel is coming back from the bathroom. You need to move Natasha fast. No time to convince her verbally- You literally pick her up and sprint out of the kitchen with her. Scarlett is on your heels screaming at you. You get Natasha out into the pool area seconds before the shit storm that’s about to take place can catch up. You manage to calm her down, get her to say that she likes you, and even snag her number.

BOOM. Scarlett’s coming towards you with 4 of her girlfriends, Daniel’s directly behind them with eight of his friends. Screaming ensues. You find yourself kicked out in the most horrible way possible. You wait. Twenty minutes later Jake is outside. “Natasha’s by the door. Burst in, Pick her up, Burst out”. All you’re thinking is Holy Shit. I might actually die.

Fuck it! You burst in and see her talking to Daniel. You sprint towards them, pick her up before he has time to react and make a mad dash for the door. She’s laughing, loving every second of it. The whole party’s after you. Movie style, a cab screeches to a halt in front of you. You throw her in, dive in yourself, and slam the door behind you as Daniel’s entire entourage trails you.

Natasha’s phone is blowing up. You disable it. Halfway to your house the cab runs out of gas. You literally can’t believe it. The two of you walk in the pitch black night for 25 minutes, laughing, discussing everything under the sun, getting insanely close. She thinks you’re a badass and loves the dramatic fashion in which you won her over.

Finally you’re home. Your door is locked and your keys are nowhere to be found. Natasha’s getting tired. She wants to go back to her place- You stick in there.

At three in the morning you get back to her place, everything about her is perfect. She doesn’t want to have sex with you, saying that she’s tired. You massage her for thirty minutes, get her into the mood, sleep with her, and end up sleeping over at her house. In the morning Jake calls you and picks you up. Turns out he has your house keys! You dropped them in the heat of the moment trying to get to the cab.

The next night you go out in Hollywood. You approach the first girl you see and meet Olivia. She’s just as beautiful as Natasha. You open her, she hangs on every word you say and after about fifteen minutes gives you her number. She then invites you over to her house. You go, sleep with her, and head back to your place for the evening.

Which girl would YOU personally be more excited about taking out to dinner? I hope your answer is Natasha

Why? Because you had to work for her. You invested so much energy and effort into going through all the bullshit and dealing with everything thrown at you to get her. She likes you because you fucking earned her. The hard is what makes it great.

I want you to be Natasha. Don’t just give away your compliments and affection. Make women earn you.

You can let her earn you by asking qualifying questions.

Some examples of qualifying questions are:

•What are you passionate about?

•What makes you special in comparison to other women?

•What are your three most attractive personality traits?

What do all of these questions have in common? They all give her a chance to showcase her uniqueness and impress you. They let you actually get to know the girl and build a genuine connection.

Think about it, would you rather have a girl get to know you, show interest in specific things you care about, and then begin liking you due to the fact that you are who you are or would you rather have a girl like you before she gets to know you just because you’re physically attractive? The second option can and does apply to multiple people whereas the first is special.

Begin throwing hoops for her to jump through. Incorporate qualifying questions into your text game so that she beings to invest and has the opportunity to chase you. This is an important frame to establish early on in your interactions.

Here is an example in which I show you how to ask qualifying questions over Facebook:

qualifying questionsQualifying-Questions-2Qualifying-Questions-3Qualifying-Questions-4

By the end of this conversation she has evidence to support that I like her and want her number for specific, unique reasons. Furthermore she has invested in the conversation and therefore has to give me her number to feel validated.

After mastering the above material you’re well on your way to developing advanced text game. It’s time to incorporate creativity, your sense of humor, and playful misinterpretation into the mix:

I cannot stress this enough! Be CREATIVE! If she asks you what you’re doing please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don’t say “nothing much, wbu.”

Here’s a conversation from a girl I met at a party. We talked about meditation and our mutual interest in Pilates: I added her on Facebook directly after I left and she opened me the morning after.

Text game

Text Game 2

Here’s what I want you to take out of this conversation.

•Immediate call back humor (Mentioning Pilates gets her back into the vibe of our previous positive interaction)

•After she asks “Whatup” I reply with “Just remodeling my bat cave before work”. This is a creative description of what I’m doing. So much more interesting than telling her that I’m cleaning my room

•Lastly, Notice how quickly I number close. The connection has already been built so we want to get her on the phone as fast as possible
Your sense of humor is also going to be a huge determining factor in whether she likes you or not: The best way to make her laugh is to make yourself laugh. If you’re self amusing and totally immersed in your actions she’ll be able to fully experience you. One fantastic tool in your humor arsenal is intentional, playful misinterpretation. I won’t go into this topic to much here because you’re going to have to develop your own style and sense of humor.
Here is an example of intentional misinterpretation
Intentional Misinterpretation
This type of conversation is called Building Rapport and it’s our next topic!
Building Rapport is about building a strong connection.
You need to get the girl to
A. Trust You &
B. Get comfortable with you
The longer the two of you are interacting the more your rapport will grow. It takes time!
You need to let her get to know you on an emotional level and you need to get to know her on an emotional level
I’ve left the last three topics I’m going to cover in todays guide until the end because, used in conjunction with each other, they are the most powerful. Before I share these with you I want to touch on spreading positivity to the world. Be the man that positively influences the women you surround yourself with. Help them grow. Remember that these are extremely powerful concepts and you should use them with the best intentions. You may seriously end up hurting somebody you care about if you’re careless with them.
In fact, the last three are so complex that I’ve given them each their own pages so that we can fully delve into content and I can provide lots of extreme examples! To head deep into the advanced segments of text game check out Utilizing Emotional Rollercoasters, Fake Takeaways, and Building Compliance Ladders.
So there you have it. I seriously hope you enjoyed and will master what we’ve covered on this page. It will literally transform your life.
We’ll talk soon,
Zachary Williams
Self Development Matrix