Get Women To BEG You To Stay: Fake Takeaways

Fake TakeawaysOui!

I still remember my first cold approach like it was yesterday.

I’m taking the bus to my local college and this super hot girl is sitting across from me. I face her, wait for her to look up, make eye contact, and motion her over with my hand. She gives me a quizzical look before grabbing her backpack and taking the open seat next to mine. Forty five minutes later the interaction is going fantastically and it is time for me to go to my music class. She walks me to the door, Times up. Moment of truth: I ask for her number.

She replies with a shocked look and exclaims “I can’t believe you. We just met!” and turns away from me hard. She takes 4 steps before I, thinking I’m about to lose her completely forget I’m acting cool and shout NO WAIT!

She turns around, massive smile on her face, winks at me, and mouths; “Thought So”.

In doing so she taught me one of the biggest game lessons I’ve ever learned: Fake Takeaways. The art of giving somebody the illusion that they are going to lose you: Extremely powerful stuff. It’s so effective because it is an intense form of emotional rollercoaster-ing.

Imagine it- One second I’m feeling on top of the world thinking I’m about to finish out an amazing interaction, the next I’m freaking out thinking that I’m about to completely lose her and never see her again, and the next she’s smiling at me telling me she’s just kidding and that she’d love to see me later that evening. Euphoria, Extreme Tension, Full Release: That’s the art.

Make her think she has you, Make her think she’s going to lose you, and then let her have you again. Done correctly, She’ll massively invest to make you stay.

What’s key is the way in which you build up your takeaways.

You usually want your first false takeaway to be playful. Once she has invested in you and is showing interest you can do harder, more intense takeaways.

Check out these examples

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