Healthy Friendships

How To Build Healthy FriendshipsHealthy Friendships

I was at my first fraternity event playing basketball and alcohol was everywhere. At the end of the night I, completely sober, said my goodbyes and began to head towards my car. Halfway out the driveway I heard my name. I turned to see one of my “soon to be” brothers racing down towards me.

I paused, “What’s Up?”.

“Are you sober?” he asked. “If you’ve been drinking I can take you home”.

Boom. It hit me like a rock. My first real glance at a healthy friendship.

Since then I’ve met hundreds of amazing humans and developed beautiful, healthy friendships with them. It was a friend of mine that first showed me Eben Pagan and got me into social dynamics. It was my buddy who got me into the gym pumping iron for the first time. It was my friend who taught me about Adsense and affiliate marketing.

This article is going to teach you all about healthy friendships and how you and your friends can grow together. You can push each other towards success in a way that will build incredibly loyal, and intensely purposeful relationships. These types of friendships are a beautiful thing. They are the relationships that will give you an amazing sense of fulfillment.

What Qualities Should I Look For In Friends?

In order to build healthy friendships, you’re going to need to find healthy people. There are certain attributes you’re going to want these people to have before you invest your time and energy into connecting and building friendships with them. Here are a list of qualities you should look for within your friends, and the people you might potentially form friendships with:• Social Intelligence
• Ambition
• Genuinely Cares About You
• Positive Energy
• A Love For Life
• Considerate
• Healthy
• Maintains Good Hygiene

Where To Meet New Friends

The great thing about getting into cold approach is that you realize you can meet anybody, anywhere. That being said, the best places to make friends include school, work, parties, and events. From there you can meet new people through those initial friendships.

 How To Make A New Friend

To have a bro, you have to be a bro. If you want good friends, you need to be a good friend. If you’re looking for people with the characteristics we described above, you need to be the type of man that has cultivated those qualities himself.

That being said, I’ve found that the best way to make friends is through organizations, women, and my other friends.

Start Being Social

Talk to strangers in line at the grocery store, talk to the old guy next to you at the gas station, talk to everybody. Once you’re comfortable being somewhat social with strangers, head over to your local college and day game. (To learn the perfect ten mindset that will help you with this click here)

Get Invited To Parties

From there, get into a party scene through the women you cold approach. (I cover how to get into party scenes and how to build healthy friendships once you’re in those party scenes here). Once you reach the party scene you will have access to a wide range of people, from which you can pick and choose whom to build relationships with.

Friendship Activities

Now that you’re out at parties building healthy friendships, you’re going to need activities that will bring you and your buddies closer together! If you’ve built your finances and have the funds to invest in A+ bonding activities check out our experiences page. Once there, you’ll be able to find an entire blog full of amazing ideas and bonding experiences.

However, I understand that getting your finances handled takes time. If you’re just starting your journey towards financial freedom and need free activities (or nearly free) I’ve compiled a list here:
• Complete a TV series together from start to finish (I recommend Game Of Thrones)
• Cold approach women
• Cook
• Hit the gym
• Sneak into apartment jacuzzis
• Go the the beach
• Grill/BBQ
• Bike ride
• Crash open houses
• Hike
• Get into crazy debates (Draw topics and then just go off until you have reached a common ground)
• Play poker
• Share self help programs
• Play sports
• Go swimming
• Do local restaurant challenges
• Go clubbing! (Arrive early)

A great way to spend your time hanging out with your new friends is to help each other grow towards your mutual goals.

Help Each Other Grow

The most important characteristic of a healthy friendship is that you help each other develop. Imagine a scenario in which you and your new friend Danny both want to be fit: First, you become gym partners. Next, you research and send him an article on nutritional intake for men trying to gain weight. Danny replies back with a small e-brochure that covers different health drinks and protein supplements. You in turn, purchase a workout plan and share it with Danny. He buys you both a book that covers cardio, plyometrics and juicing vs. blending. The whole while you’re both starting to see gains and the spiral of positivity begins.

Imagine how your life would look if you had a group of friends that helped you grow in every single area of your life that you want to improve. Imagine how much more you would learn and accomplish if you had that type of support system. That type of support system, my friends, is the ticket to success.