How To Get Into Any Nightclub

How To Get Into Any Nightclub

The name of the game? Nightclubs. In this article I’m going to teach you how to get into any nightclub that you want to gain entry to! By the time you finish reading this you will know exactly what you need to do to in order to prepare yourself and your friends for one of the ultimate, upscale party scenes in this world. Together we’re going to cover everything from the clothes you put on at the beginning of the night, all the way up to and through bouncer engagement. We’re going to ensure that you make it past those exclusive club doors every single time. What’s more, I’m going to teach you how to do things the right way, so that you can build relationships and get into nightclubs for free.

Nightclub Dress

What you wear is critical. You need to walk the line between best dressed, and over dressed. The most effective way to do this is to target a nightclub. Once you have your target, pick a night and scope out the venue. Arrive on your scheduled night and subtly watch who’s getting into the club. You should also notice who’s being denied entrance. Pay particularly close attention to what the guys getting in are doing that the guys stuck in line aren’t. At first we want to mimic the “in crowd’s” clothing commonalities.

If the guys wearing black dress shirts are getting in, you’re going to want to start out wearing black dress shirts. Once you build up experience and you are getting into the club on a consistent basis you can begin experimenting with your style. A great way to do this to to find the best dressed guys IN the club and to begin building your style around what you see and like.

Actually Getting Into The Nightclub

On your “scope out” night, you’re going to want to get a promoters name. You can do this by striking up conversation with, and then casually asking people in the line who’s list they are on.

Alright. You’ve done your homework, you’re rolling up to the club, and it’s show time. The single best way to get into the club is to bring women with you. I highly recommend a 2:1 girl to guy ratio. The more girls the better. Imagine the image you’re presenting when you show up with five girls, in comparison to the one you’re conveying when you show up with your two buddies.

Now you’re not always going to have girls to bring to the club, especially when you’re starting out. That’s OK! If you’re showing up to a nightclub without girls, pick women off the line. Find a small group of attractive girls, walk up confidently, hold eye contact, and say something along the lines of “You three, Come with me.”  Due to the fact that you’re dressed well and exhibiting alpha behavior they’ll comply without even questioning you. Walk them past everybody, up to the front of the line, look the bouncer in the eye, and tell him that (Name of promoter) told you to come to the front of the line.
Note: Don’t let the bouncer see that you’re picking girls off the line. You want to appear as if you’re the reason these girls are at the club.

This will usually work even if you can’t find a promoter’s name. Just walk up to the front of the line, confidently look the bouncer in the eyes, and be nice to the guy. He will probably ask you if you’re on the list, in which case you can let him know that you are. Due to your girl to guy ratio he will, 9 times out of 10, let you in without even checking.

What If He Checks?

If he checks and asks you to step back into the line, he’s not saying no. He just means not yet. Be cool about it. Think about this: If you are a confident guy and always get into the clubs and parties you attend, how would you react to being told to wait? You’d be fine with it. In fact, this gives you a chance to build your state and lets you get to know the girls you just pulled. On top of that, by having a good time in the line, you can show the bouncer that you’re bringing the party to the club, as opposed to coming to the club to take the party. Either way, your nights starting off in a fantastic way.

 It’s Getting Late, I’m Doing Everything Right, And I’m Just Not Getting In

I hate to say this, but bribe him. Have forty to sixty dollars ready in your hand, pull him to the side, and ask him to talk. Tell him that your friends are visiting from out of town and that you really want to show them a good time. That you’ve been talking about coming to this club with them for close to a year, and that this is your one chance to finally do it. Subtly slip him the $60 while you’re telling him this, and stay cool. If it comes to this worst case scenario I don’t want you to think that you’re blowing sixty dollars on one night. I want to make it clear that getting into the nightclub is the only way to build powerful club life relationships. You’re really paying for the opportunity to do that.

I’m In. What Do I Do Now?

You’re in! Warm up, be social, have fun, and throw girls away. Do not conserve your resources at the club, I want you to be abundant. Why do you think that most bouncers want to work at a nightclub? Is it because being a bouncer looks great on a secret service resume? Fuck No! Bouncers work at nightclubs because women are there. Do you think promoters work at night clubs to meet tons of guys and go out with their new bro-friends? Hell No! Promoters are there to make money and meet womenEverybody wants to meet women, so give them what they want. Introduce them to women. 

That bouncer that let you in? At some point in the night, bring him a water, talk to him for five to ten minutes, and throw two girls on him. The VIP Host? Introduce yourself and throw some girls on him. Promoter? Same thing. Build your connections. Don’t forget that if you build strong connections there will be hundreds of nights for you to meet and attract stunning women. If you don’t, you’ll leave in the exact same situation you arrived: connection-less. On top of that, you only need to go home with one girl. Use the rest to build connections.

The next time you show up to the club and pull two girls from the line the bouncer will know who you are and let you in. Throw more girls at him. Maybe you reintroduce yourself to the promoter, throw some girls on him and snag his number. Maybe you have a great night and meet some other high status guy that comes all the time and knows a couple promoters at other upscale nightclubs. Throw some girls on him and let the relationships build.

Building your connections includes meeting women. If you can obtain a couple numbers you might be able to show up to the next event with a small group of girls. This will greatly increase your chances of getting in. Additionally, a lot of women will already be hooked up with a promoter, so you can meet promoters and get your name on guest lists through the ladies you meet.

How To Get A Promoter

If you want to get into any and every nightclub for free, you’re going to need a promoter. Once you meet the promoter in the club develop a relationship with him. The best way to do this is by grabbing his phone number. Text him once at the beginning of the night telling him that you’re showing up with a bunch of girls. At this point you can ask him if he will leave a couple guest list spots open for you. It doesn’t matter if you actually bring girls because when you’re physically at the club you’re going to be throwing girls at him. He’ll think you’re super high status because every time he sees you you’ll be with women and he’ll think that they are the girls you’re supplying to the club using his guest list. At the end of the night you can text him that you had an incredible night.

The key here is positivity, money, and women. In his eyes you’re bringing lots of girls to the club using his guest list spots which is making him look great. On top of that you’re making him money. In addition, he likes you because you’re a positive guy. Those three good qualities are the perfect relationship building combination.

You can ramp this up by finding and meeting another promoter at the club. Do the exact same thing to this new promoter, and then begin alternating whose guest list you use. The first promoter will wonder why you’ve stopped using his list so much, and who all of those spots are going to. He’ll end up chasing you to use his list, and you can play the promoters off each other so that, instead of you hitting them up to get guest spots, they are offering you spots. If you supply enough value and build enough abundance they will literally fight for you to take their spots.

Concluding Thoughts

We’ve covered how to dress for the event, how to prepare for the night, and what to do to actually get inside the nightclub. From there we went over how to build strong relationships within the club and the characteristics that go into getting a top promoter. Getting into upscale nightclubs will completely upgrade your social life. You will meet sophisticated, classy, super hot girls. You will be introduced to influential, powerful, high status men. Most importantly, you’ll develop irresistible social skills and the complete confidence that comes with conquering this area of your life. Good luck, and may the club odds forever be in your favor.