How To Get Invited To College Parties

How To Get Invited To College PartiesAs a member of my college’s Kappa Sigma chapter, and a leading member of their school soccer team, I know all about the college
party scene. It is a particularly fun and wild environment, yes. However, its most valuable quality within its ambiance is that it is a fantastic place to learn social dynamics.
As described in my “Getting Invited To Exclusive Parties” guide, connections are vital to creating any thriving social life. Although there are other ways to achieve this, I strongly recommend joining a club or fraternity. In doing so you will immediately be thrown into social situations and you will meet a massive number of people extremely quickly.

How To Join A Fraternity

Primarily, let me explain the process: You will start off as a rushee and attend events in order to meet the house’s brothers. If you can secure a bid from the house, you will be promoted and can begin “pledging”. Pledging is generally a semester long process designed to determine whether or not you will make a good fit for the house. You and your pledge brothers will form your pledge class. You and your pledge class will work together toward the common goal of initiation into the brotherhood. It is an incredibly difficult, time consuming, and rewarding process that will provide you with a great deal of character and many unforgettable experiences.

Getting your bid: Rush is usually a two week recruitment period. Spend the first week checking out every fraternity you’re interested in. Pick your favorite house and concentrate on it the second week. Attend all of its rush events and meet as many brothers as possible.

Pledging: Pledging is going to be a little more complicated to get through. Over 150 men rushed my fraternity the semester I was initiated, only 23 were granted bids, only 12 of us walked. I’m going to break down pledging into five categories:

• Attendance is key. The more you show face, the more opportunity you give yourself to get to know everyone. The more you get to know everyone, the more opportunity you give others to get to know you.

• Be a fantastic pledge bro. You’re going to be judged through how you treat your peers. Your pledge class is your family–Make an effort and spend your time with all of them.

• Get to know the house. Be around the house as much as possible and spend time with the bros that have already been initiated. You can do this with your pledge brothers thus killing two birds with one stone.

• Learn your house history. Every house will have history that you will be tested on. Acing your tests will show that you really care about the house and will respect its roots.

• Keep your grades up. You will need a certain GPA to be in good standing with the house. Don’t forget to maintain yours.

How To Get Invited To College Parties Without Joining An Organization

I understand that some schools don’t have Greek life, and that some of you don’t want to spend all of your free time getting involved in organizations. Therefore, in this segment I’m going to show you how to get invited to college parties without joining an organization!

There are two main ways of doing this. The first is to cold approach girls at your college. This is a fantastic option if you do not know anyone at your school and want your social life to blossom quickly. For more information on using cold approach to transform your social life into an entity that provides a never ending supply of parties click here.

Online game is the second major portal into the party scene. If you know which girls party at your school, and you have impeccable phone game, this option can be extremely effective. Add the women on Facebook and converse with either them, or one of their close friends.

Tying Everything Together

While each of these tools will help you get invited to college parties, utilizing all three simultaneously will turn you into an absolute party scene legend. Imagine that you have a never ending supply of college parties to invite women to, you’re going out cold approaching women, and you’re meeting women online, thus improving all three major areas of your game (Cold Approach, Warm Approach, & Online/Phone Game). You’re gaining a massive amount of reference experiences in an extremely short amount of time, and your social life will be better than you could have ever imagined.

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