How To Get Invited To The MOST EXCLUSIVE Parties

How To Get Into Exclusive PartiesSo you want to learn how to get invited to parties, eh? Good for you! Getting invited to parties is a crucial part of building your social life. The party scene helps you make and solidify friendships in a completely unique and important way. Furthermore, getting into exclusive parties is the best way to meet massive amounts of classy, top tier women. 

I spent years reverse engineering the process of “being in the loop” and I’m going to take you through exactly what to do, and how to do it. This article is going to teach you how to build a network of contacts who will reach out to you on their own through party and event invitations. Eventually, I want you to wake up on Saturday morning to multiple texts offering a surplus of options as to how you spend your night. You’ll be able to turn around and invite a large list of contacts to those parties, and the network will become a self operative entity.

Primarily, you’re going to want to find one of your friends that you enjoy spending time with. Make sure that he wants to get fantastic with women and will push you to your limits. In addition, he must be able to make you genuinely laugh. Your main job is to keep each other motivated and to push each other to grow.

Next, you’re going to get into Cold Approach. Begin hanging out with your buddy in well populated settings: Nightclubs, Shopping malls, Amusement parks, Downtowns, and Colleges are all perfect examples. Now that you’re out in an environment that has set you up for success, FOCUS on having a good time with your friend. This will help you reach state. 

Before we go on I want to touch on something I’ve seen personally time and time again. Many men that want to get into the party scene go out to cold approach, become successful at meeting beautiful women, wind up dating one of those beautiful women, and just become content. Do not become that breed of human. Don’t forget that we are here to get into the most exclusive, elusive parties and to meet people that are in that high status scene.

Alright, enough fathering. What’s Next?

You’re out, you’ve built flow and you’re having a good time. Begin approaching women! Really force yourself and your wing to take action. The more time you spend out the better you will get, the better you get the more quality phone numbers you will gain, and that’s where all of this gets exciting.

We’re going to create a self fulfilling prophecy: Generally speaking, Friday and Saturday are the two best nights of the week to party. Therefore we are going to take the best four numbers you have (by best numbers I mean the girls that you like the most/ had the best interactions with) and split them into two categories. The first category we’ll be texting Friday evening, and the second we’ll contact Saturday.

What Should My Texts Communicate?

Quite simply, you’re going to invite the girls to party! This will give you social proof

Now I know what you’re thinking: “I wouldn’t be here if I had parties to invite them too”

That’s alright. You’re going to invite the girls to fake parties.

Before I let you in on how to successfully do that, let me explain the psychology behind why you’re doing it: In the girls minds you’re inviting them to parties. This means that, in their minds, you’re getting invited to parties, which, to them, means that you’re the type of guy that gets invited to parties, so they will in turn, invite you to parties and Voila, you’re getting invited to parties. 

What’s fantastic about this is that now you’re getting invited to parties and can now invite women to party- The cycle builds, and Boom. You’ve created something out of nothing.

Show Me How

Fine, but only because you’re twisting my arm ;)

Let’s create an example conversation:

Friday Night

You: Hey Cindy, Just got the address to tonight’s party in the hills and this is your invite

Cindy: Sweet :) Shoot me the address!

You: (No reply)

Cindy: ..hello?

Saturday Morning

You: Hey Cindy, sorry about the no reply last night. Totally didn’t mean to leave you hanging. Things got kind of crazy

Cindy: It’s ok :) I know how that can be. Hope you’re feeling ok this morning.

You: Yeah, should be feeling great after the power nap I’m about to take. Anyway, what are you up to tonight?

Cindy: My friend Maggie is throwing a little birthday bash over at her apartment. Might head over to that

You: Sounds fantastic, I’ll bring her a present. What time should I pick you up?

They’re five steps to this crucial conversation that you’re going to need to execute:

How to get invited to any party    1. Invite her to fake party

    2. Don’t reply to her

    3. Apologize for not replying to her

    4. Transition into finding out her plans for the night

    5. Inviting yourself along in a fun way

Hopefully Saturday night you’ll be on your way to a real party with Friday nights women that you can invite your Saturday category to. However, If neither of the girls from Friday are partying Saturday you need to begin figuring out your options for the following week. Do the same thing you did on Friday night, however you’re going to want your conversation to go more like this:

Saturday Night

You: Hey Victoria, Just got the address to tonight’s party in the hills and this is your invite

Victoria: Sweet :) Shoot me the address!

You: (No reply)

Victoria: ..hello?

Sunday Morning

You: Hey Victoria, sorry about the no reply last night. Totally didn’t mean to leave you hanging. Things got kind of crazy

Victoria: Hmm.. How crazy?

You: Maybe next weekend you’ll find out ;)

Victoria: haha we’ll see

You: We definitely will. On a more serious note, do you have any plans?

Victoria: Actually, I do. My sisters boyfriend is throwing his 21st next Friday

You: Perfect. You can take me to that on Friday, and I’ll take you to the yacht party this Saturday

Victoria: Yacht party?!

You: Mhm

Victoria: Sounds crazy. I’m in

See the difference?

Via Friday’s category you’re aiming for Saturday night’s party scene.

Via Saturday’s category you’re setting yourself up for the following weekend.

What to do now that you’re getting invited to parties

This is also incredibly important. You want to upgrade party scenes to get into more exclusive, higher end venues, and you want to do it fast. This means that you need to use your time effectively while you’re attending these initial parties.

I would divide the things you should be focusing on into the following four categories:

• Having a good time. You’re at a party, enjoy yourself!
• The person that invited you. Make sure that she’s having an absolutely fantastic time. If she invited you to one party, she can invite you to more. Build this relationship.
• Meeting and attracting other women. You’re good at cold approach now so this shouldn’t be a problem. This is important because if you’re killing it with the ladies, you’re killing it with the men.
• Make high status male friends.
In the last two bullet points, I want you to focus on these three things
High Quality Numbers, High Quality Numbers, High Quality Numbers

You currently have been invited to one party by one person. Your goal is to expand your network into an automated, thriving entity. You can create this entity through making a multitude of strong connections. However, just making strong connections is not enough. You need to be able to follow up with these people for future event invitations, and the best way in which you can do this is through obtaining phone numbers.

How To UtilizeThe Tempo Of The Night

Towards the end of the night, male- female buying temperature will be peaking, alcohol consumption will have taken it’s toll, and people are generally going to be more focused on closing out the night. This means that, in terms of building party scene connections, both the beginning and middle of the night will be extremely important. You can learn more about meeting women at parties here

First Quarter

As you’re walking from your car to the front door try to jump into conversation with people so that you can walk into the party with social proof. If you don’t run into anyone or can’t hook a set make sure that the moment you walk in through those doors, you’re engaging people. Talk to women, get into the social zone, have/ be fun, and begin pulling numbers. Your interactions should be shorter, and you should be introducing people to one another. This will make you the focal point of the event and will help build your social proof.

Second Quarter

By the middle of the night you should have built your social proof and can now focus on making some high status male friends. I would place my attention on one high status guy with whom you think you would click. Due to the fact that you’re killing it with the ladies you can introduce a steady stream of women to him. This is a fantastic way to begin your interaction contributing value, and will help you build a positive, fun-guy vibe. Simultaneously, you should begin a longer interaction with the female of your choice. You and your new friend will bond over working out the pulling logistics together.

Third Quarter

At this point you have a bunch of numbers, you’re having a great time with the girls, and your developing a relationship with your new buddy. Snag his number and get him set up in a position to pull for the night. By leaving him with a beautiful woman, a positive energy, and an agreement to keep in contact, you put yourself in a fantastic position to
A. keep in touch and
B. secure an invite to next weekends festivities.

Fourth Quarter

This is the end of the night. Babysit your friend through his pull, and pull yourself. You have a plethora of phone numbers and buying temperature’s are extremely high so if things begin to fall apart you can reach into your newly added contact list and shoot an “Where are you? I want to see you” type text. Just keep your abundant frame and enjoy yourself.


Shoot your new friend and girl a text the following morning. You should also text the girl that invited you- building on this relationship is important. Doing so will help you expand your connections, and keep you in the loop as opposed to jumping from connection to connection. Keep inviting your growing network out. Remember that you always want to be contributing value and building your social bank account.

I suppose I’ll end this post by letting you know that beautiful high status party scene’s are out there waiting for you. You just have to find them. Good luck :)