How To Go Out And Meet GORGEOUS Women. Be A Cold Approach King!

Cold Approach KingDo you want to have the ability to see any girl, walk up to her and immediately attract her? Become A Cold Approach King.

Cold Approach is the art of beginning an interaction with and attracting a complete stranger. It is literally one of the most beautiful art forms, if not the most beautiful art form on earth.

I cannot stress this enough: Getting good at Cold Approach Pickup and Game will completely transform your entire life.

16 Steps To Becoming A Cold Approach God

1. Develop a healthy narcissism and Overcome Approach Anxiety By Building The Mindset That You Are Every Girls Perfect Ten. Literally develop an “I’m the shit and I love myself” complex. Rewire your brain and how it sees both you and the world.

2. Get in touch with The World Of Sub-Communication. This world is invisible to 90% of men and just tapping into it will improve your game on so many wavelengths. Everything happens for a reason! Don’t forget it.

3. Develop intense, challenging, panty wetting eye contact. Get to the point where you can look into ANYONES eyes and not feel affected emotionally. Once you do this you can develop the ability to articulate your ideas and thoughts while putting pressure on and taking pressure off of the girl. This will make your interactions man to woman, and it will make the girl much more comfortable with you.

4. Push, Pull.  At its simplest, Push Pull is the concept of emotionally pushing a woman away from you and then pulling her back in. With each pull her attraction towards you will amp one notch higher. You need to make her feel negative and positive emotion. This is how you get a girl chasing you.

5. Pressure On, Pressure Off- In your interactions the things that you say/ do will either be putting pressure on or taking pressure off of the girl. You need to hit the right balance of the two. Examples include:
• Proximity

•Eye Contact


•Vocal Tonality

•Verbal Topics

6. Open. The important thing to know about opening is that what you verbally say in your open means nothing. Your sub-communications are everything.

7. Keep things man to woman and be clear in your intent. There is nothing wrong with hitting on a girl- The fact that you have the balls to walk up to and express your interest in her is high status. Be proud and let her know you’re interested.

8. Calibrate After, Not Before. You can’t possibly predict who she is or what mood she’s going to be in when you open.

9. Be Congruent. You essentially want to achieve alignment in your thoughts, words, and actions. Remember that we are all human- She’s not expecting you to feel fantastic all the time. She’s not expecting you to never get nervous. Keep it real with her and you will be able to build trust almost immediately.

10. Be Outcome Independent. There are millions of women in the world. You’re a high status alpha male surrounded by tons of attractive girls that want you. This mindset is called “abundance”. When you are abundant one girls opinion of you doesn’t matter. Who cares if some girl doesn’t like you! You need to know your own worth to the point that being rejected won’t affect your sense of self-worth. Being outcome independent will make women value you and your presence so much more.

11. Develop Presence. Be the man that has depth. When she talks to you she should feel your energy.

12. Generate A Massive Amount Of Reference Experiences As Quickly As Possible! Your view of the world is shaped by your reference experiences. The more reference experiences you get the quicker you will transform.

13. Develop The Mindset That Rejection Is Not Bad. There are no bad experiences, only good learning experiences.

14. Game Is Not Something You Do, It’s Who You Are. You don’t put on your shiny shoes, press your belly button and transform into game mode. You become the type of person that crushes social interaction. You should constantly be gaming, thinking about game, and self developing to the next level.

15. Develop Healthy Beliefs. Every girl wants to find her prince charming, Girls love sex, etc.

16. Potentially the most important. Kill Your Identity And Expand/ Grow. I once heard that identity is a box and that the goal is to expand your box much as you possibly can. That box does not exist. Your identity is simply an illusion of the limiting beliefs you have. Fuck your identity- Kill it. Then grow as a man.

What are you waiting for? Go out and Transform!

Zachary Williams

Lifestyle Development Matrix