How To Meet Single Women On Facebook

How to meet single women on FacebookWe recently released an article about online dating. However, we kept the very best dating site a secret. We’re talking about the bread and butter to online dating… the cream of the crop.

We’re talking about Facebook.

What makes Facebook so compelling is that everybody is on it. There are so many women on Facebook that you could practice your heart out for years without running the river even close to dry.

It gets better: I’m about to teach you exactly how to meet single women on Facebook. The process consists of several components which include: setting up your profile so that when women look at it they become attracted, finding women to interact with, beginning interactions with those women, and then transitioning your interactions off of Facebook and into texting.

Setting Up Your Profile

It is incredibly important to proof your profile before you begin adding random girls. To do so, you’ll need the right combination of pictures, posts, and information.


First things first: delete every single photo you have on Facebook that paints you in a negative light. I don’t care if your mom, sister, or best friend tagged you. If it doesn’t look good, it’s bad. If it’s bad: delete it.

Now that those are gone, the single best way of social proofing your profile is to post high quality pictures of yourself with attractive women. It doesn’t matter how you get them, you need them. Hell, if you need to, go down to your local shopping center, introduce yourself to the first attractive girl you see and ask her to take a picture with you. You can even let her know it’s for your Facebook.


The first part to this one is pretty easy: Don’t have any dark stuff in there. Your posts should communicate that you are a happy, healthy, positive individual with lots of friends.

This is where it gets a little more challenging: Your posts should also show people that you are an interesting/busy person. Nobody wants to be around the guy who’s always bored or on Facebook wasting his time playing candy crush. You want to be the guy that has shit going on in his life.

You should also be posting regularly so that people see your posts. Facebook rewards those who post a lot by giving their posts a greater visibility, and it punishes those who rarely post by limiting their post visibility.

As a general rule of thumb, offer value through your posts on a consistent basis and your Facebook profile will be attractive with a capital A.


Likewise, your information should be filled out. This will make your profile look legit, which will in turn help build trust. Trust in any interaction (online especially) is incredibly important.

The one caveat to this is your relationship status. Regardless of whether you are in a relationship, single, or it’s complicated: remove it. When women you add and then message check, they will be left with a burning curiosity. A burning curiosity is a form of investment and investment is the name of the game.

Finding Women To Interact With

This has gotten slightly trickier ever since Facebook did away with it’s advanced search. However, you can literally type “single women living in (your location)” into the search bar and hundreds of women will appear. Assuming you live in an area near multiple cities, this alone will give you limitless options, not to mention all of the beautiful women your friends are friends with… and all of the beautiful women your friend’s friends are friends with, and so on.

I recommend starting with women that are semi close to you, but perhaps don’t live in the exac same city as you. Once you develop your online game to the point where you are getting numbers left and right, move into your home town and the cities directly surrounding you.

Starting Interactions With The Women You’ve Picked

Now that you know how to find women to interact with, we’re going to contact them. Always shoot them a friend request before messaging them. Once you are friends, your messages will go straight through to her inbox, as opposed to being left in the “other inbox” category for who knows how long.

I’m actually not going to say too much about the art of wooing women over Facebook, getting phone numbers, and transitioning your interactions offline into the physical realm of first dates here because I’ve gone in depth here about the entire process. On “A Full Guide To Text Game” I break down how to set up your phone, teach you what you need to communicate in your conversations to be attractive, how to get phone numbers, and what to do once you have numbers to get the girls out on dates. It won’t be just theory either, I analyze real conversations I’ve had so that you can see exactly what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Enjoy :)