The MINDSET That Will Make You Successful When Approaching Attractive Women

The Mindset That Will Make You Successful When Approaching Attractive WomenYo! Zach Williams here.

I’m in Santana Row, San Jose shopping with a good buddy when suddenly it happens. This absolutely gorgeous human being walks past me. We make eye contact for a split second, I feel the explosive tension, and.. the moment passes. 

Brendan stops dead in his tracks and smirks at me. I 180.. Hard. I’m racing after her. Things are happening so fast I can’t think, I reach out

“Hi, Zach Williams. I saw you passing by, let the moment slip, and am back to regain a slice of my manhood”

She giggles. BOOM. Engagement

Does the first half of that story sound familiar? Due to approach anxiety it should. 

In this video below I reveal the “Perfect Ten” MINDSET that allowed me to turn back around in the second half of the story and follow through with the cold approach

Hope you’re ready to learn ;)

All the best,

Zachary Williams

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