Understanding Social Proof + How To Leverage It And TRANSFORM Your Life

Social ProofUnderstanding Social Proof

Social Proof is the “psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation”. In laymans terms, people are wired to perceive value in things other people value. 

This means that collectively, as a species we hold off on investing our time and energy into things that may not reciprocate in value. We determine value through our perception of an object’s pre-selection.

For instance, there are people that show interest in paying a high price point for Versace clothing, therefore other people find value in the brand and demand increases. After all, if some are willing to pay the high price there must be a reason… right? Versace is a prime example of both pre-selection and social proof.

You’re interested in a product. You check its ratings and read its reviews before deciding whether to make the purchase. Pre- Selection and Social Proof are at work again.

Social Proof can transform your life financially and socially

How does it apply socially?

Through evolution women became attracted to alpha males because they provided our female ancestors with the best opportunity to survive and reproduce. This means that when you are with a woman you are sending out signals that you are a high status male (pre-selection). Using the existing female(s) as evidence to support this thought process, any girl you come into contact with will assume you are an alpha male and become attracted to you. Eventually more women will see women with you providing even more evidence supporting the fact that you are indeed high status (an alpha male), and they too will get turned on. From there on out the social proof just builds and builds. Because more women are with you, more women are interested in being with you. Due to the fact more women are interested in being with you, you find yourself surrounded by more women. Welcome to The Cycle Of Returns.

Let’s create a cold approach scenario in which you might use social proof to your advantage: Imagine that you walk into a coffee shop downtown. You see a girl stirring half and half into her coffee at the condiment bar and approach. Two minutes into the conversation you bounce her out the door under the premise of walking you to a local restaurant. Within moments of being out the door you see another girl and call out “Oui! Come here and meet my girlfriend”. Due to the fact that you are already with another girl and have social proof, she comes over. Girl 1 from the coffee shop is turned on by the fact that girl number 2 is responding so well to you, and your social proof becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. You just created real social proof out of the illusion that you already had it. Next you wave over a third girl, who complies because.. well, you’re in your own little party crushing it with two girls (Again massive social proof) and it quickly snowballs from there on out.

Here’s a video that explains the concept in depth: Enjoy! :)

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