What Are The Best Dating Sites?

Online DatingOnline dating is the PERFECT platform to practice your verbal game, frame control, and sense of humor! Although it is NOT a substitute for going out and interacting with women face to face, online dating supplements cold approach pickup wonderfully. Here are the six best online dating sites:


1. OkCupid

OkCupid is entirely free. No hidden costs, twists, or catch. You can go right now, create an account, upload some pictures, and begin chatting up gorgeous members of the opposite (or same for that matter) sex. This is definitely the dating site that I would recommend using when first getting your feet wet, so to speak.

Because of OkCupid’s matching algorithms and insanely large user database (30 million per month) it is easy to practice and perfect a wide variety of social skill sets, before moving onto a more upscale (premium) site.

Plenty Of Fish

2. PlentyOfFish

Plenty of Fish is also completely free. The site is a combination of robust algorithms and a user friendly interface. It creates matches based on mutual likes, the information you add to your profile, and location (how close you and your potential matches are to each other).

POF has 3.3 million active users per day. Although I’ve personally had a better experience using OKC then POF (the site is notorious in the online community for being e-whore saturated), POF still has a lot of value to offer and is worth being checked out.


3. Match.com

Match.com is a massive online dating site housing over 17 million users a month. Once you’ve completed a detailed questionnaire, the premium service lets you sign up for free, browse users, send winks, and match with other profiles.

The $20.99 for 12 month option allows you to begin physically communicating with other users. Although the monthly fee may seem rather pricey, it actually weeds out a lot of the non committed users that you’ll find on free sites.

Think of Match.com as a classier, upscale, premium dating site.


4. Tinder

Tinder is an interesting breed of dating sites. The mobile application (For iOS & Android) shows you pictures/profiles of people within your search criteria. You then tap or swipe to block them from your profile, or add them to your likes list.

When somebody that you liked, likes you, you match and it’s game on! The best thing about tinder is that in order for you to match with somebody, both parties have to be fully interested, making it an extremely powerful online dating tool.


5. MeetMe

MeetMe (formerly MyYearbook) is a social networking site that connects people from similar areas. It’s entirely free and entirely awesome. The site makes it incredibly easy to find people, displaying both who’s online and who’s nearest all at the same time.


6. eHarmony

The last dating site on the list is eHarmony. The site is on par with Match.com and is probably the most intense dating site on this list. The sign up includes a 400+ question questionnaire. Once your profile is complete eHarmony takes it’s patented compatibility system to match you and members of the opposite sex that are most likely to fall in love.

Although the signup is a pain, the results that come with it are astounding. It is said that once you put in as much information as you can, you can sit back and let the site do all the work of finding matches for you. Once the matches start pouring in you can sit back, relax, and flirt to your heart’s content.

The 1 year, $20.95/month payment plan is the best option here. That being said, I recommend you start out on the free dating sites, and make the upgrade to a premium site once you’re seeing a constant stream of results.