Why Approach Anxiety is COMPLETELY Normal And How To Overcome It

approach anxietyAhh Yes. Approach Anxiety. For those of you that do not know, it is the fear of approaching someone (Usually felt in the seconds before a Cold Approach). It’s essentially a twist you get in your lower chest as you are pushing your comfort zone socially, and there is a logical explanation for it. 

Approach Anxiety Decoded:

Simply put, throughout the last 200,000 years your brain has evolved to crave things that will increase its potential to stay alive/reproduce, and to fear things that will threaten your survival. In today’s world we have massive communities, cities, and countries. However, this was not always the case

Not to long ago we lived in 50 person tribes. These tribes consisted of a tribal leader (Alpha Male), the alpha males friends, and everyone else (Beta Males). Imagine you are a male living at this time: Let’s say that, within your tribe, half the members are male, and half are female. You know 25 Females: 

How many are sick?

How many are taken?

How many are too old?

How many are too young?

Broken down-Roughly three females will qualify as viable options for companionship.

This is where the fear comes in:

Primarily, If you approach one of the three females, and the alpha male of your tribe, or a member of your tribe that is “in” with the alpha male has his eyes on her- They will KILL you. Approach anxiety is a rational, strong fear, because on an instinctual level, it is linked to death.

Furthermore, Those three viable females are a part of the same peer group. This means that if you approach her and you fail to attract her, whether she’s taken or not, she’s going to tell the other 2 females that you aren’t mate-worthy. When she tells them you will lose your social proof. When you lose your social proof you cease to be an alpha male. When you cease to be an alpha male you become a beta male. Females evolved to want alpha males, not beta males.

So as men, we used to get ONE chance. Blow it and you spend your days alone until you die. Your genes to be permanently weeded out of existence for eternity, and that is scary.

So now that you understand the science behind your feelings you can work to disassociate with them. We no longer live in a society where death and loneliness are imminent. The world is a beautiful, friendly place, full of enough beautiful girls to fuel the universe.

Secondly, You are experiencing approach anxiety because, in approaching random gorgeous women, you are expanding your comfort zone. The more times you follow through with your approaches the less approach anxiety you will feel. The more you approach, the more positive reference experiences you will gain.

You will learn that rejections are not bad experiences, just good learning experience. The more approaches you do the better you will get. Become Fantastic. It will transform your life.

Trust me ;)

Signing Off,

Zachary Williams

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